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Asian Games 2023: China to Japan to India, how the nations fare in medals tally

The Republic of China is leading the charge at the moment with the Republic of Korea following closely behind.

Aditya Kaushik



Asian games

New Delhi: The 19th edition of the Asian Games in Hangzhou, China, catching up the heat with athletes from across the world putting everything they got on the line, to win Asian Games medals for their country.

Athletes are competing across forty different events for Asian glory.

With all the sporting powerhouses of the Asian continent under one roof, the actions are intense, while maintaining the sense of sportsmanship intact.

The People’s Republic of China is once again leading the overall points table at the Asian Games by having a total of 173 medals under its name, which includes 93 gold medals.

Chasing the People’s Republic of China for the top spot is the new rising Asian powerhouse, the Republic of Korea, with a total of 88 medals, including 24 gold medals for them.

Republic of Korea is the name given to the contingents from North and South Korea combined, sending the message of brotherhood across the borders.

Not far behind the Republic of Korea, is the Japanese contingent with 82 medals, including 19 golds under their name.

The India contingent currently stands at number 4 with 31 medals, including 8 gold medals under their name.

Thailand is chasing India hard with 7 gold medals and is currently at number 5.

With more than a week still left, there are a lot of shakeups still left yet to come. However, who will be the winners of these shakeups? Only time will tell.

Check out the overall medal tally to date: