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FIFA World Cup 2022: FIFA might ban Tunisian Football Association, check why

A ban from FIFA would mean that the team would not be able to take part in the Qatar World Cup.

New Delhi: While players and fans are excited to start the FIFA World Cup 2022 campaign, Tunisia might face a ban from the federation. A ban from FIFA would mean that the team would not be able to take part in the Qatar World Cup. Such a situation has arrived due to a third-party influence.

Why FIFA may ban Tunisia?

tunisia world cup 2018

Kamel Deguiche, Tunisia’s youth and sports minister, recently opened up about dissolving some federal offices, which might include Tunisian Football Association (FTF). Radio station Mosaique FM published a leaked letter that talks about FIFA raising questions about authorities attempting to interfere in the FTF’s internal affairs and dissolving the federal office.

According to FIFA’s guidelines in case of third-party interference, the federation can be fined or even suspended. A similar action was taken against the All India Football Federation (AIFF) was FIFA came to know about such a breach. However, AIFF overturned the suspension by taking control of its affairs. FTF still has a chance to take control in their hands and drive their internal affairs independently. Dissolving the federal office would be an issue difficult to deal with, but it would have a great impact on the players and the football fans in the country.


FIFA World Cup will begin in Qatar on November 20. Tunisia is placed in group D with Australia, Denmark and defending champions France. In case of no suspension, Tunisia will start their campaign on November 22 against Denmark. In the last World Cup, they lost two out of the three games and could not qualify for the playoffs.