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From Spain to Brazil: Check 5 squads with highest appearances in FIFA World Cup

Squads are set to begin there campaign in the forthcoming sporting event to be held in Qatar in less than a month

New Delhi: A total of 32 teams will get into the hyped-up clashes of the biggest football tournament, the FIFA World Cup, held this once in a Middle Eastern country for the very first time. From squads such as Spain to Brazil are set to begin there campaign in the forthcoming sporting event, to be held in Qatar in less than a month.

Before the grand opening ceremony of the WC tournament takes place, here’s a list of the teams with top 5 FIFA appearances yet:

1. Brazil


The country is known to have dominated the world of football for a long time and happens to top the list of most appearances in FIFA WC with 21 consecutive presence in the league along with 109 matches played in it. Out of the total games, the squad has won a stunning 73 wins, 18 defeats, and 18 draws.

2. Germany


The team holds significant dominance in international football and holds second place in the list with a total of 19 appearances. The squad counts 67 wins in its total encounters, with 20 draws and 22 losses. Germany garnered its latest FIFA WC in a dramatic manner when Mario Gotze managed to get the ball into the nets in the 113th minute of the game.

3. Italy


Italy, who missed its WC qualification for the second time in a row happens to be the third in the list with 18 appearances, a chunk of 45 wins along with 21 draws and 17 defeats.

4. Argentina


The team has been a part of 17 WC events and has played a massive sum of 81 FIFA matches yet, nabbing 43 out of them and losing 23. Despite having world-renowned soccer icons in the team, Argentina has had an ill fate in the tournament over decades and was last able to pick the title in 1978.

5. Spain


Often called La Furia Roja by its followers, Spain made its debut in the FIFA in 1934. Out of 63 matches being played by the squad, it has won 30 and lost 18. The team has managed to hold the title for just once against Netherlands in the year 2010.