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“Greatness touched a baby…”: Here’s why Yamal has been touted as the next ‘Lionel Messi’

Lamine Yamal who scored an absolute banger against France has been touted as the next big player from Barcelona.

New Delhi: When Lamine Yamal’s mother won the contest to pose with Lionel Messi, she did not know that his son would one day become the wonder kid of Barcelona. Associated Press (AP) which came up with the photo of Yamal and Messi showed a young Messi in his 20s blessing Yamal who was barely 6 months old.

The golden touch which has been believed to work wonders for Yamal has put the 16-year-old on the forefront of social media chatter. According to some people, Yamal’s magical touches “Greatness touched a baby, and the baby is on his way to greatness as well.”

Yamal scores a banger against France!

In a match of so much chatter and so much build-up, the Spanish footballer delivered a delicacy for all the fans of La Roja. France made the first move in the match at 8 minutes when a looping ball found the head of Kolo Muani and the La Roja conceded an early goal.

France was playing a fearsome attacking brand of football which was missing in the French team throughout the tournament. To make a comeback, Yamal stood in front of Rabiot, did a shoulder feint and hit a perfect curler to score the equaliser. Earlier, Rabiot had commented on the pre-match press conference that, “To play in a Euro final, he will have to do more than he has so far.

Yamal not only returned the favour to Rabiot but also dealt a meaty blow to France’s chances of going to yet another final. In the ensuing goal, Yamal also silenced his critics who have been pretty harsh on the youngster. Even after owning the right flank of the game, having 3 games in 5 games and taking on an umpteen number of defenders, Lamine had not done enough to satisfy the critics. But the goal has definitely enough to shut down the mouth of the criitics.