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“Lakh di laanat tere Kamraan Akhmal..” Harbhajan Singh responds to Kamran Akmal’s remarks

Akmal made a racist “Sikh” joke targeting Indian left-arm bowler Arshdeep Singh during the ongoing India-Pakistan match.

New Delhi: After the India-Pakistan showdown, controversy has reigned supreme in and around the match. However, one incident has gone overboard and created heated controversy between two former cricketers- Harbhajan Singh and Kamraan Akmal.

Akmal made a racist “Sikh” joke targeting Indian left-arm bowler Arshdeep Singh. This was after the young left-arm bowler was slightly expensive from his 4-over quota. Subsequently, the quote from Akmal has sparred off a controversy on social media. Indian fans jumped upon Akmal’s comment and were visibly angry from the comment.

On the other hand, seeing the foul comment former Indian spinner Harbhajan Singh also latched onto the entire episode. Harbhajan was seen bashing Kamraan about the whole incident and was also quick to add a short historical anecdote to show the pains and sacrifices the Sikh community had to undergo.

Lakh di laanat tere Kamraan Akhmal...“- Harbhajan Singh

Kamraan was seen spewing hateful comments on air at the ARY News. Akmal said in the ongoing India vs Pakistan game that, “Kuch bhi ho sakta hai… 12 baj gaye hai (Anything can happen. It is already 12).

Rattling the comfort cage of Akmal, Harbhajan Singh reminded the former Pakistani batsman of the sacrifices that the Sikhs had to undergo. Moreover, Singh was also particular about the fact that he (Akmal) should be grateful for the Sikhs who have saved their mothers and sisters from the hands of the invaders.

After receiving so much flak on social media, Kamraan Akmal finally apologised for his folly. Akmal added that he realised his mistake and also tagged Harbhajan Singh in his post to express his regret for targeting a particular community.

Banter has been a part and parcel of cricket, however, things become ugly when these comments become too personal at times. Kamran’s hasty and brash statements on social media threw light on a very unfortunate history for the Sikhs which did not have any resemblance with Arshdeep’s game. Naturally, it was criticised far and wide and it will continue to do so if anything like this happens in the future.