constitution of India

The third tweet had Article 19, which enlists the Protection of Right to Freedom, under which freedom of speech, of peaceful assembly without arms, forming associations, among others, are enlisted.

Advocate Dr Rajeev Dhavan, appearing for one of the petitioners, said: "A State was demoted to the status of a Union Territory using Article 3 of the Constitution of India for the first time. If they (Centre) do this for one State, they can do it for any State."

The Kerala Governor had earlier said that the Citizenship law has to be implemented as there is no other option and the states have to implement it under Article 254.

Railways in Kashmir is fully operational between Baramulla and Banihal, so that when other modes of transport come to a standstill due to heavy snowfall, trains in the valley keep the people moving, tweeted Piyush Goyal

The court had also said that simultaneously the mediation process can go along with the hearing and if an amicable settlement is reached through by it, the same can be filed before the court.

Speaking at an event organised by the All India Professionals Congress (AIPC) here, Tharoor described what is meant by inclusive India and in course of that slammed violence in the name of religion.

"The manner in which it has been done is completely unconstitutional and it's against all the principles of democracy. There are rules to be followed when such things are done, which were not followed," Priyanka Gandhi said.

Asserting that the government has made sufficient stock of essential items, the statement read, "Wheat has been stocked to suffice for 65 days, rice for 55 days, mutton for 17 days, poultry for one month, kerosene oil for 35 days, LPG for one month."

The Parliament witnessed unruly scenes after Home Minister Amit Shah said in Parliament that Article 370 of the Constitution, which grants special status to Jammu and Kashmir, has been removed by presidential order.

The order will supersede the Constitution (Application to Jammu and Kashmir) Order, 1954 as amended from time to time. The notification also made clear that all the provisions of the Constitution as amended from time to time, shall apply in relation to the state of Jammu and Kashmir and the exceptions and modifications subject to which they shall so apply.