Daily Astrology

See the golden coins falling around you and gather them and share them with others through the light of love.

There are so many aspects in life which are auspicious and the abundance of which are constituted as wealth in our world. We are fully immersed in her blessings today as we celebrate her over the next eight days.

Steer clear of trivial things and concentrate on what needs to be achieved. You are very much in demand within the group but steer clear of anyone trying to stiff you for a financial loan.

Contained in your aura body is a beautiful light which spreads itself to light up the world around you, especially the plants and trees and flowers. Fruits and vegetables nurturing you back with their light.

Whatever you put your money and your mind to, it will turn to your favour. The same power goes towards your family interaction and your words. Be careful with what you say today.

Creating a new frontier in the work front only expands your work. This may lead to a lot of new challenges and responsibilities. Spacing your meetings with the people in your work schedule will be helpful

Difficult situations are coming up to warn you against over-indulgence in entertainment and travelling aimlessly. Getting a better job soon will make you happy and create a positive impact on your relationships with others.

The healing process has given us more time, more things, more intelligence, more ability and more strength, so that we can do more.

So far the going is good, everything is going exactly as you want. Financially you will make some decisions which will manifest a growth pattern that pleases you.

"When you are home alone, do you discard the healing light and all ideas and feelings of reverence for the light of healing?