Daily Horoscope

We must be ready to heal each and every occasion and not expect anything in return. The ultimate and supreme action that an individual can render is the act of healing.

As you charge ahead, there is a huge pattern of success following your every move. You will be much in demand at a social gathering and this will bring gladness to your heart.

Our prime duty as human beings and our integral duty as a healer is to co-join to heal the world we live in. This process not only gives us peace and happiness but also brings success and solace.

You will become more serious about your personal environment only when you are hit by a bout of depressive energies. Connected to goodness and grace, you should definitely be moving ahead with happiness and bliss.

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Creative decisions are flowing through with your spiritual consciousness unfolding your wisdom. People will love to listen to you, so be responsible in all that you say.

Life is full of many surprises and we seldom seem to notice and we seldom speak, but, we watch life going by all the time. If once we do something wrong, then, we pretend that we are the essence of the healed self at the centre of life itself.

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