Daily Horoscope

The day is an absolute pleasure with everything falling into place in the second half of the day, with you streaming pleasure in every step.

Concertised plans are in the offing to take the work to a new high.

Unusual and strong attractions of the opposite sex have the ability to disturb you. Just move towards serious relationships with people who love you unconditionally.

Stay away from controversy with others who have become more bossy. Change the course of your destiny unfolding and stay in contact with your spiritual wisdom unfolding blessings for you.

The hidden realities can widen your outlook and help you achieve a better understanding of life. Admonished and hurting, a co-worker

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Your inner most feelings are not matching with what you are showing to others. You will feel more in control once the deal is signed at the end of the day

You need to work in finer details with the boss and once you get the green signal and the work is underway then is the right time to share.

Be patient with your obsessive thoughts and healing them with meditation know that soon things change for the better.

Managing a long journey with your family will create a new life mission for you. Just listen carefully to the people who are willing to work for the next two days and then decide what you bargained for is a good deal.