Daily Horoscope

Your surroundings are luxurious and you will inspire success in all you do. Changes in your attitude also create a mystery around you, attracting happiness and prosperity in all your relationships.

Look into minute details about all the paperwork that you need to do to take things forward. Prioritise all the things that you need to do to succeed. All the added details to be competitive and conclusive will be given to you as a support by someone who thinks you deserve to have an extra edge.

Entering your chakras and nestling there as pure wisdom. This is the position in your spiritual consciousness that you have been aspiring for. Now is the time to start your new plans. Healing hugs of accomplishment. Love from the heart place. ”

You may find yourself in a position of power on the early part of the day, but, you need to keep your false ego in check. If you are too dominating there could be a reversal of work that leaves you feeling bitter and unbalanced.

You will be very appreciative of other people’s motives to the extent that they will be part of a celebration of togetherness. Confirming some good news, you will step out of your way to honour the elders in the family.

Healing everything in the now, is the doorway to see yourself live in peace, and surrender to the divine grace guiding your spiritual path. So, today know yourself, surrounded by white lotuses, you are swimming in a pond of milky water energies

You are more likely to pay close attention to your health rather than your looks but someone close to you romantically is disappointed with your behaviour.

Remember that the whole secret of real peace, real happiness, and real success is faith in the act of devotional healing.

A rainbow light is flowing out of their bodies as ribbons of light. These ribbons are caressing the wind, the water, the sunlight, Mother Earth and the spaces in between other healers. The portals of your feet are swirling with discs of turquoise light, and as the ribbons touch your feet , they are shredded into confetti, sprinkling into this universe as positive sound.

As the energies are moving ahead, there is a lot of success in life and your patterns of interacting with people improve drastically. Just randomly thought things may prove to come through. You will be happy with the results.