Sandeep Singh, IAF Chief Operations Officer of Jammu, told ANI: "We received information at 12 pm that some people needed to be rescued and by 12:29 pm, IAF's helicopter was present at the spot. Our Garud Commandos went down and tied a hook on the fishermen to pull them up. Four people were rescued in a short span of time and the operation was successful."

The Balakot airstrike capped days of rising tensions between India and Pakistan. The airstrike pushed Delhi and Islamabad to the brink of an armed conflict, with the Pakistan Air Force attempted retaliatory strikes a day after on February 27.

Historically burdened by its own inadequacies, internal security and governance issues, Pakistan army time and again resorts to misadventure, either through flawed proxy wars and state-sponsored terror or intrusions in our country

According to reports, the 1200-litre fuel drop tank of MIG 21 fell on a field causing a huge scare among farmers in Irugur.

An IAF Jaguar pilot jettisoned fuel tanks of his aircraft after one of the engines failed after being hit by a bird in Ambala on Thursday.

IAF officials said the Jaguar deep penetration strike aircraft was on its way to take part in a training sortie when one of the two engines of the aircraft was knocked down due to bird hit.

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) on Saturday registered a case against unknown officials of the Indian Air Force, Ministry of Defence, arms dealer Sanjay Bhandari and Switzerland-based Pilatus Aircraft Limited for alleged irregularities in the procurement of 75 basic trainer aircraft in 2009.

The aircraft was found 15-20 kilometres north of its designated flight path. Despite a massive search operation, the plane could not be located for eight days due to bad weather and dense forest cover in the area.

The finder may contact Air Force on the following numbers -- Landline: 0378-3222164 or on Mobile nos - 9436499477/ 9402077267/ 9402132477.