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The slogan, of course, belonged to PM Modi, but here he was simply referring to Trump’s candidacy back in 2016, when, in an ad aimed at the Indian-American population, used the same words.

Cohen says it remain open questions whether Pakistan can ever transparently demonstrate that its intelligence services have stopped finding uses for radical Islamism in its various violent forms, remain open questions," he said.

United States President Donald Trump expresses his gratitude to Indian Americans in the presence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi at Howdy Modi.

Donald Trump's presence indicated his respect towards India and the Indian diaspora.

PM Narendra Modi addressed the mega event of 50,000 Indian-Americans at the NRG Football Stadium in Houston. US President Donald Trump also joined PM Modi to address the first-ever joint rally with Indian Prime Minister.

Addressing a mega-event at NRG stadium in Texas, the Prime Minister received a warm welcome by the Indian-American community.

Before departing for New York, Modi shared the stage with US President Donald Trump to address a 50,000 plus audience at the 'Howdy, Mody!' event in Houston.

Prime Minister Modi, who addressed a large gathering of Indian-American community at the `Howdy, Modi!' event here in the presence of Trump, said that the message from the event will give rise to new opportunities in the 21st century.

Modi, who addressed a large gathering of Indian-American community here in the presence of US President Donald Trump, read the lines soon after he had made a veiled attack on Pakistan over its support to cross-border terrorism.

The leader made the comments while addressing the mega community summit which is being held in his honour.