Among those affected by Coronavirus, 80% will exhibit mild symptoms, 14% will have pneumonia, 5% will suffer from septic shock and organ failure (mostly respiratory failure) and in 2% cases it will be fatal.

Researchers say countries that have a current policy mandating BCG vaccination, a TB vaccine, have significantly slower growth of both cases and deaths, as compared to all other countries.

The recipes for each of the broths varied. They were vegetarian, chicken or beef-based, with no particular ingredient common to those with the strongest antimalarial activity.

Shah Rukh Khan took his own way of lauding the 'painstaking' efforts made by the scientists at ISRO on micro-blogging site by recalling one of the famous track from his film.

In a major defence achievement, India had successfully tested an anti-satellite missile by shooting down its own decommissioned satellite that was on a 'Low Earth Orbit' at a height of 300 KM from the earth's surface.

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said the government will fix Minimum Support Price of crops at least 1.5...

Geneva, Jan 17: Scientists have developed the world’s lightest high-performance mechanical watch made using the ‘wonder material’ graphene and weighing...