According to The Verge, users won't lose their chat history while switching on to the new platform. On iOS, the component showed up with version 7.4, released on Thursday (local time) and spotted by 9to5Mac.

The CEO has been asked to furnish responses to the government’s query regarding the privacy, data transfer and sharing policies, sources said today.

The decision to postpone the privacy update has been taken due to "misinformation causing concern" among people, the company said.

Signal App said it is seeing a huge surge in new users that it is witnessing delays in phone number verifications of new accounts. 

The app is available on Android and iOS. Unlike WhatsApp, the Signal Private Messenger app is also available on the iPad, and users can also download and install the Signal app on Windows, Linux and Mac, like WhatsApp.

Apps like these either use the phone's storage or external storage when you want to save your files, and malware with external storage access could be used to exploit this data, The Verge reports.