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iOS 18 and iPadOS 18: Apple’s Latest Features, Enhancements, and AI Innovations

Apple unveils iOS 18 and iPadOS 18, introducing advanced customization, improved Siri capabilities, enhanced privacy features, and more. Discover the future of iPhone and iPad with these exciting updates.

New Delhi: With the official announcement of iOS 18 and iPadOS 18, Apple has introduced several innovative features designed to improve and customize the user experience on all its devices. The news was revealed at Apple’s yearly Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), where the company showcased important advancements in cross-device compatibility, privacy, personalization, and AI capabilities.

Highlights of iOS 18

ios 18


  •   Home Screen: You can now place apps and widgets anywhere and customize their look with different colors and dark mode options.
  •   Control Center: You can now customize the Control Center more easily and organize it with tabs for quick access to important features.

Photos App:

  •  The Photos app is redesigned. Now, the app provides a single view with optimized collections and grids. Along with enjoying autoplaying content and the ability to remove distracting background items from images with the new “Clean Up” tool, users can bookmark their favorite collections.


  •   Text Effects: Add fun animations to your messages and schedule them to send later.
  •   RCS Support: Texts to Android users will now have better media quality and read receipts.
  •   Satellite Messaging: You can send messages even without Wi-Fi or cellular signal on newer iPhones.

Privacy and Security:

  • Hidden and Locked Apps: You can hide apps or lock them with a passcode or fingerprint to keep your information private.
  • Contact Sharing: Choose specific contact details to share with apps.

Apple Intelligence:

  •  Advanced Siri: Improved context understanding, integration with ChatGPT for complex tasks, and enhanced personal intelligence for text and image creation.
  • Private Cloud Compute: AI-driven tasks with heightened privacy measures.

New Apps and Updates:

  •   Passwords App: A new app to manage your passwords securely.
  •   Safari Highlights: Quickly find important information on webpages.
  •   Mail: Better organization with tabs for different types of emails.
  •  Journal App: View insights, search and sort entries, and support for widgets.
  •  Reminders and Calendar: Task and event management combined.


  •   Eye Tracking: Use your eyes to operate your iPhone.
  •   Music Haptics: Make use of the Taptic Engine to experience music.

iPhone Mirroring:

  •   This feature lets you control your iPhone from your Mac, including using the keyboard and trackpad and receiving notifications.

Highlights of iPadOS 18

iPadOS 18

Smart Script:

  • Turns your messy handwriting into neat text while keeping your style The Notes app also allows you to handwrite text that has been typed.

Calculator App:

  • The new Calculator app lets you write equations with Apple Pencil and solve them instantly.

Other New Features:

  •   Apple Maps: networks for hiking trails and topographic maps.
  •   Apple Wallet: Send money by tapping iPhones together.
  •   Game Mode: Boosts gaming performance.
  •   AirPods Pro: Improved voice quality and hands-free Siri control.
  •   Notes: Live audio transcriptions and searchable notes.
  •   Apple TV: Learn more about what’s on the screen with the InSight feature.
  •   SharePlay: You can assist someone else by drawing on their screen or controlling it remotely.

Release Date and Compatibility:

  •  Developer Beta: Available now(Released on June 10)
  •  Public Beta: Coming in July 2024.
  •  Official Release: September 2024, with the new iPhone 16.
  •  Compatible Devices: iPhone Xs and later models. The A17 Pro chip or newer is required for advanced AI functions.

iOS 18 and iPadOS 18 bring exciting updates that make your devices more customizable, smarter, and secure. These new features aim to enhance your experience, making your iPhone and iPad more personal and powerful.