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New Year’s Eve: Google doodle bids adieu to 2021 with animated candy ready to pop up

Apart from the Doodle, search results for ‘New Year’s Eve’ are equally interesting, as there appears a party horn on the top of the web page.




New Delhi: A distance of just some hours remains for the New Year 2022 to arrive, and Google has marked the much celebrated New Year’s Eve with an animated candy ready to pop up.

Google Doodle’s giant candy with ‘2021’ written over it, is just watching over every passing minute and is all set to pop up as the clock hits 12 at the midnight to welcome a brand new year of 2022. Once you click on the candy, it takes you to a web page to reveal the confetti.

Apart from the candy, Google’s ‘big G’ is seen wearing a party cap with jacklights twinkling in the backdrop of search engine giant’s name.

Apart from the Doodle, search results for the ‘New Year’s Eve’ are equally interesting, as there appears a party horn at the right side of the web page. If you click on the horn, it would blow up to throw confetti celebrating the highly awaited evening.

For the unversed, Google’s Doodle for this year is comparatively plain and much sober than what we have seen in the previous years.

Have a look at Doodles of previous years:  


As per the Gregorian Calendar, December 31 is considered as the last day of an year, while people across the globe celebrates the day as the New Year’s Eve.

Numerous parties, events and gatherings are held across the world to mark the farewell of the on going year and welcome a fresh year with a countdown in the last 10 seconds till 12 at midnight.

However, this year, governments in most of the countries have imposed several restrictions on the New Year celebrations owing to the ongoing pandemic, dampening the outdoor festivities amidst spikes in Omicron cases.