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Say goodbye to paper, check how to store Driving Licence on DigiLocker App

Under the Digital India initiative,  the government of India is promoting the use of DigiLocker.

New Delhi: The Internet has made our lives very easy these days. From children to senior citizens, everyone is using it to facilitate their digital needs. Under the Digital India initiative,  the government of India is also promoting the use of DigiLocker. DigitLocker is famous for allowing citizens to securely store their important and official documents digitally, reducing the dependence on physical paper.

The digitally stored documents on DigiLocker are also accepted in government offices in place of physical papers. In our daily lives, most of us face difficulties at the time driving if we do not possess our driving license. Furthermore, the unavailability of the licence may invite a hefty challan.

But this problem can be avoided if you store your driving licence in DigiLocker. Therefore, we have decided to explain to you how to store your driving licence in DigiLocker.

Check the steps below:

-Fill in the search box of your browser, followed by signing up using your phone number.

-You will get an OTP (One-time Password), this will help you to create a username and password for the account.

-Now you also get an option to set an MPIN, ensuring quick login in your need.

-After opening your account, you have to link your Aadhaar Card with your Digi Locker account.

-On the app, you get the ‘Pull Partner’s Document’s section. You need to select the source partner here, for instance, in this case, the Ministry of Road, Transport, and Highways.

-Now you need to fill in your Driving License number so that the app detects the licence in the digital form.

-After filling in all the necessary details, the app will obtain the document from the selected partner and save it in the app.

Notably, you get 1GB of storage to store any documents in DigiLocker.