A Pakistani delegation led by Minister for Economic Affairs Hammad Azhar told the meeting that the country has made positive progress in 20 out of 27 points. The FATF expressed satisfaction on the measures taken by Pakistan and its progress in various areas.

"Mexico has stepped up its immigration enforcement in recent months under pressure from the United States. The government has deployed thousands of National Guard agents along the major migration routes," the publication's report further stated.

In less than two months, it is the second time the activist has been attacked. Sham was earlier attacked on August 29 by masked men carrying baseball bats and knives in Kowloon district.

The police added that there were citizens of several Arab and Asian countries inside the bus. A probe into the accident is currently underway.

Shortly after his arrival in the country, Khan met Saudi King and discussed "latest developments at the regional and international arenas and efforts exerted towards them."

The country was placed on the Grey List by the watchdog in June 2018 and was given 15 months to complete implementation of a 27-point action plan, failing which it be placed in the Black List.

The royal couple will attend the inaugural session of 25th Technology Summit in New Delhi. The Netherlands is the partner country for this summit.

Sources reveal that a compliance report prepared by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan will be scrutinised in the presence of Pakistan's Minister for Economic Affairs Division, Hammad Azhar.

Hagibis has brought heavy rainfall throughout the country ahead of its landfall, including Shizuoka and Mie prefectures, southwest of Tokyo.