The number has now reached 100,717, according to the data updated on Friday, a day after the United States surpassed China in coronavirus case count.

Israel is under total lockdown with people not allowed to even walk beyond 100 metres from their homes and have been generally advised to go out only to stock up food.

The Guardian reports that in a video posted on Twitter, Johnson, confirmed he had developed mild symptoms -- 'a temperature and persistent cough' -- over the last 24 hours.

Bharatpur: Nepal Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli was admitted to the Tribhuwan University Teaching Hospital (TUTH) following an increased heart...

Under the plan, individuals who earn USD 75,000 in adjusted gross income or less would get direct payments of USD1,200 each, with married couples earning up to USDS 150,000 receiving USD 2,400 -- and an additional USD 500 per each child.

In view of the coronavirus outbreak situation, several international organisations -- including the United Nations, World Bank, the World Health Organization and the World Trade Organization will take part.

The heir to the throne is said to have displayed "mild symptoms" on Sunday and was then tested on Monday, with the results coming through late on Tuesday night.

The attackers targeted a ‘dharamshala’ in Shor Bazar area of Kabul, which has a sizeable population of the Hindu and Sikh minorities. Some reports said the attack began at 7.45 am Afghan time.

Armed men stormed inside a Gurdwara in Kabul's Shor Bazar area at about 7:45 am (local time) on Wednesday and were locked in a battle with security forces.