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Pak PM praises India’s foreign policy over oil import from Russia despite being member of Quad

Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan is going viral for praising India’s foreign policy in a video, recorded during a rally in Malakand.





New Delhi: Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan, who usually spoke ill of India, is going viral for praising India’s foreign policy in a video. He said India is importing oil despite being an ally of Quad with the United States.

He made the positive comment on India’s foreign policy while addressing a rally in Malakand.

In the viral video, Imran Khan said, ”Main aaj Hindustan ko daas deta hun (I admire India today). It has always mainted an independent foreign policy.”

He further added, ”India is a member country of Quad group with the United States. But it still calls itself neutral. India is importing oil from Russia which is facing sanctions from the US. This is because India’s foreign policy is for its people.”

Watch the video of Pakistan PM:

He also said India’s foreign policy is better than that of Pakistan as they work for their people.

Besides the foreign policy, Imran Khan also commented India’s Army. He said, ”India’s army is not corrupt and they never interfere in Civilian government.”

What is Quad?

Quad stand for Quadrilateral Security Dialogue which is an informal strategic forum comprising four nations. It includes the United States of America (USA), India, Japan and Australia. Quad was formed in 2007 after the Indian Ocean tsunami. The four nations decided on the sideline of the Association of Southeast Asain Nations (ASEAN) to collaborate on disaster relief efforts.

Notably, Imran Khan is facing a challenge from opposition party supporters. They are demanding Khan to stop down or face a non-confidence vote in parliament. They are also accusing the former cricket captain-turned politician of mismanaging the economy and poor governance.

However, the next general election in Pakistan is scheduled to be held in 2023.

These days, Imran is also fallen out from the Pakistan Army. According to media reports, the 69-year-old politician has been told to step down by Army chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa and DG ISI Lt General Naveed  Anjum.