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Astrology 2022: Message of the Day (December 15)

The penny will drop. You will be enlightened and illuminated.





Message of the Day – By Renooji



It is always our best friends and trustworthy and pure soul mates who have the power or the interest to tell us our faults. They are fulfilling their karmic duty towards us to illuminate our path with wisdom and knowledge and instead of being grateful and respectful, we criticise and complain and end up stating that they are envious of our success. This is one of the most repeatable and yet full of the false ego statement that I hear very often from people around the world. There is a strong need within each of us to believe that we are always right. The reality is that each of us is connecting to our life experiences to learn more and hence most of the time we are ignorant of the truth. Take a step back and review your life and believe me the truth of your life will click into place. The penny will drop. You will be enlightened and illuminated. Finally you will be liberated from telling lies to yourself. Which means you will have the power of the healing light presence to transform your false ego self and step into humility with compassion. Stay and forgive yourself and all the others. Healing hugs filled with the healing joy. Love from the frontiers of grace.

SHOULDERS CHAKRAS-we tend to forget nowadays that the light was introduced to the self once again in this life but it takes only the click of a second to know that is Eternal.

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