Convert every event into a money-making opportunity so that you have more to share with everyone around you.

If you have to survive in the environment that you are in right now you will have to be tentatively planning on your relationships with others in a more cordial way.

See the golden coins falling around you and gather them and share them with others through the light of love.

You are likely to set yourself up for disappointment if you have too many expectations. There are a huge number of people dependent upon your life circumstances surrounding their life and them, which is affecting them positively.

There are so many aspects in life which are auspicious and the abundance of which are constituted as wealth in our world. We are fully immersed in her blessings today as we celebrate her over the next eight days.

With calmness and solid concentration, you can embark on a new journey with a strong connection with wisdom and trust in the people that you work with.

The more we reflect on what we really want, there is always a positive attitude and then a twist of consciousness which generates new ideas of churning desires.

Archbishop of Shillong Rev Dominic Jala passed away in a car crash in California, the United States on October 11.

A healer gains immense inner strength and purity of heart and knows that all worlds are filled with the manifestation of divine love.