Accept the light with generosity and share it with others. Healing hugs of more and more focus on the light of the Heart.

Exciting patterns for the projects ahead are done with the best of intentions, but you are not able to achieve your success or connect to the view point being presented to you.

Sitting in the centre of the light with humble dignity, with an openness to integrate all the healing grace, we must remain stable and confident. Our lives are lived in anxiety and some struggles with speed, aggression and agitation and yet we all pretend that all is well.

Flowing in emotions can cost you more than expected. If you have taken out old debt, you can get rid of it this year.

This year Guru Purnima falls on July 24 (Saturday)  on Ashadha Purnima -- a full moon day in the month of Ashadha. 

There are many plans afoot but you are not sure where you truly want to be.

Healing hugs for the gates to never be closed ever again. Love to show you the starlight and the moonlight.

Harmonising your emotional self means you are going to be strong and not cave in to financial or emotional manipulations by family.

We complicate our lives by searching for something more.