Take five coins and keep them under your pillow for five days, then give them in donation with five fruits to someone who is at least five steps, feet, metres, kilometres away from you.

Be progressive in setting up your work schedule, and know that your understanding of the self is in confidence of the confidence of healing.

Simultaneously and automatically taming and training the healing patterns and healing on.

Encouraged and inspired, stay with the spiritual practice reaffirming a peaceful and relaxed attitude.

You are getting into the middle of someone else’s battle and this could lead to unpleasant disruptions in your life.

Here is all you need to know about Dhanteras 2021-Also, 7 auspicious items to buy on this day.

Taking on a great task at work, you will do well. Stay connected to your heart desires and know that decisions made in haste could be beneficial for others.

Continue to heal all in the path. Healing hugs of deep contemplation and introspection. Love from the source of life and time.

Stay away from all controversy, and be careful with your interaction with friends, keeping your thoughts in check, as silence will keep you away from pain and hurt.