Good news can come from a close relative. Proper coordination between the spouses will be maintained.

There are certainly new ways of conforming to doing things without quarrel and strife. You can also be more objective in doing things that are outside your plan and purpose.

Healing hugs that we don’t fall into the painful process. Love from our spiritual practice.

You have everything figured out but when things once again slow down, you will be overwhelmed by the emotional situation of the others who are willing to help you achieve success in the work place.

Love from the reservoir of the compassionate heart

Your life is changing fast and you are not able to recognise that aspect of the self where you have a killer instinct at work.

Pleasing energies of good health for your world are invited into every human heart and the world is hugging each other and you back in gratefulness.

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Concentrate on the now and not your past or your future. Focus your mind on building a solid foundation of wellness and compassion for yourself.