The restlessness, the clash and conflict, the violence and warfare we see in our lives and upon Mother Earth is the outcome of our unreliability.

Turn around your mood and enjoy the journey of the reunion as it leaves you refreshed and energised. Calmly advice your staff and know that the results will be beneficial to all.

Changing the pattern of healing and spreading unified healing to all souls in our world, we are truly making a united difference to the collective consciousness. Just continue.

There will be much progress and appreciation of your intervention. Stay calm and grow your inner strength.

The one who has no quarrel or enmity with anyone, so, such a being is ever full of joy and happiness. Always healing, and spreading joy.

Getting to know yourself better is the order of the day. You are surrounded by a blue loving light which is slowly moving you to actualising your highest potential.

Communication with the people in your heart is always appreciated by the world whengratitude and compassion flows out from every pore and cell of your body, heart andsoul.

Time, understanding, matter and effort - to employ these in healing for the good ofothers is their worthy and beneficial use.

Connecting the dots and moving ahead will be fine but you will need to pay attention to the next time you are willing executioners of work planned.