You have to be your own boss and advocate to pursue success and happiness. Changing things at the last minute will be better as after the work begins things can not be put into new avenues.

The drops of nectar will continue their downpour and we will all be the worthy recipients of this giant heart – sharing.

Just when you think that life is difficult you will be able to change your mind and move towards a greater accomplishment zone. Expanding your ability to market your creativity, leads to a lot of new things in your life. Helping an elder in the family will be your responsibility.

It is time to put an end to a toxic relationship and healing all issues leave the pain behind. Keep a low profile at work and complete all that you are asked for.

Contrary to what you experience, the healing realm is a gentle and pure energy source that supports wisdom strength and compassion. Healing hugs of pure energy. Love from the divine heart.

Someone you know will be afflicted with ill health. Worry and hurry will be the mood of the day. You must do detailed research before you plan to change anything with your life goals.

We hold ourselves back because we do not understand why others are not letting us take what we desire. People who are difficult to understand are the ones who make life awkward for others.

You might be surprised by the spiritual universe and compassion awakened in your heart for others, but, knowing the self was never easy.

Changes in your family structure is making everyone else feel good about their life but you will feel overtly confident about the divine light guiding you.