You are truly a great human being and others are beginning to realise how much you mean to them.

Normally there is a shine in your face with the expectation ofgood things coming your way, but today you will feel overwhelmed.

There is a lot to learn, as living life without complaints; is the eternal understanding, of that true healing connection of service to this and other worlds.

Try to just stay honest with your friends and family. Be a strong contender in all things today, as you stand to win.

Message of the Day – By Renooji 10.07.2020 Be grateful for your: Trees As we walk on Planet Earth ,...

Engulfed in your thoughts there is a possibility that you will leave something important undone. You will be astonished by your inability to complete the works.

So, be still; just like the plants in nature, listen, look and give of yourself and love generously; unconditionally and happily to the others. Healing hugs of deep trust. Love from the frontiers of silence.

This leaves you happy and looking forward to spending time with your friends in the evening. Speak soothingly with your family to stay away from conflict.

Healing descends with the help of gravity to enter our crown chakras and yet again it is through gravity that healing flows out of our hands.