Experiencing life and activating the memories of our past life; making new connections to this and other worlds, we are always getting ready to reincarnate a new vision of our real self.

How will be the upcoming week for you… Will it be economically and socially rewarding or will some strain will pull you down? How will be your coming days in office and your equation with loved ones… Check the Numerological predictions here.

Some people who are willing to help resolve issues will continue through the work and move to the others’ perspective but they will continue their stubbornness.

Healing is about acknowledging that one will not always be happy and all bad moods and negative emotions can and will be healed automatically and spontaneously.

You will inspire your own pattern of creating new emotions and sharing your heart desires with the family.

Enjoying the unexpected, even if we did not want it originally, and in the process motivating those around us with our positive attitude.

Chances of a reversal are strong but will you be willing to get your hands dirty again. Someone who is slowly siphoning off some finances could be caught.

Heal for purity of the intellect, the mind and the heart, which eventually lead the healer to happiness and fulfilment in life.

This transit of debilitated Jupiter can lead to political turmoil in some places. The common man can suffer much during this transit of debilitated Jupiter in the company of Saturn.