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Daily Horoscope: Your zodiac and forecast (February 21)

You will be assuming that a tense situation will resolve if you take sides, but you should refrain as it will only get worse

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Aura Guidance for 21.02.2024 (all 12 signs) 

­­­1. Aries


“Taking a new step forward should be respected. You can easily change, and it is very intense personal and experiential for you. Just take a friend out and share your thoughts together. Growth is just flowing through your aura. Wearing yellow and eating red food will help greatly.”

2. Taurus


“Concentrate on your work plans and your finances will have to make a greater impact on your life experiences. There is someone in the background, looking out for your interest. Enjoy the journey of love and light and freely move ahead. Creating new patterns within the family prove beneficial.”

3. Gemini


“Neither the indifference nor the ignorance will affect you emotionally today. Just step ahead and knowing surely what you have to do, you should just move ahead. A willingness comes with the force for work that will go through each and every pore and cell of your body.”

 4. Cancer


“Continue to go through the process of change and make sure that you are all the way moving ahead for things to improve. You will be surrounded by people asking you too many questions. By working alone you will be able to pave the way forward towards success. Financially you are astute but you also need to look out for people who are depending on you.”

5. Leo


“Today is an important day for you, as you will be doing some important tasks for the group of people who are surely investing their life savings in your project. Contrasting energies will keep you on your toes tonight. You are much loved and thus you are a soul that takes time out to help others in the now.”

6. Virgo


“The bad impressions in your mind will be healed from the root and wisdom unfolding in your spiritual consciousness brings you to a space of goodness. Be forward in your thinking and invest financially to create a new source of income. Cherishing the family and the friends leaves you fulfilled and content.”

7. Libra


“Contained within your own hands is the best way forward and you will be charging ahead for a new work that needs specialised people. Many people will think that you cannot do it. Just have confidence and move ahead and crack the deal. Later in the evening you will be able to relax with family. You will be working today for your own material gains.”

8. Scorpio


“If you look around you will find someone being envious about all that you have. Great minds come together to create an important opportunity to showcase talent. You will not want to be with thoughtless and selfish people, but, you may need to take care of the others. Be tactful and considerate for the future success which is imminent.”

9. Sagittarius


“Allow your coworkers to play an important part in life circumstances. Changes in your finances will work for your success. It is a joy to live for others. When you will reflect on the day, you will realise that you have shared everything in your destiny and you are happier after the experience.”

10. Capricorn


“If you have extra time in your hands it will be beneficial for you to spend it with family. You may interact with a close family friend who may stir some emotions that leave you feeling raw. Growth is seen in all you do today. As you expand your creativity and success flows in, there will be a certain amount of hesitation in your aura that may reward your progress.”

11. Aquarius


“You will be offered a great opportunity to travel for a very important assignment, where some success patterns are unfolding. Feeling settled, cozy and comfortable, you will enjoy your day.Investing in a group fund for sustainable development and investing leaves you feeling good.”

12. Pisces


“There is a complete recovery in your journey of life experiences as you will resolve conflict with an important part of your relationship within the family. Some settlement achieved yesterday will unravel in a beautiful way to move forward with the light guiding your spiritual