The innocent civilians got caught in the middle of an intense war between the Afghan Army and the Taliban, leading to thousands of casualties. Taliban has now taken over the entire Afghanistan and is guilty of several human rights violations and abuses

“Air India going to the Tatas, one of India’s oldest & reputed private enterprises, is proof that government's divestment strategy is benefitting the Indian exchequer.”

Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission will provide a digital health identity card for every Indian. Speaking on Modi govt's flagship program, SK Narvar, Capital India Chairman said that the scheme holds potential to revolutionise and truly democratize healthcare delivery across the country."

This comparative argument of his is highly objectionable and is a result of the ideological domination and superiority complex of leftist academics.

In India, e-cigarettes remain under a government ban though there are reports that the government could take a renewed look at the tobacco market if the FDA of the US takes a call on tobacco and e-cigarettes.

Yogi’s reference to Abbajaan was aimed at one political family, accused of looting the state resources and resorting to politics of appeasement. But, this has been given a twist by pseudo-liberals for targeting the BJP govt.

Initially, Bhaskara Sethupathi Thever had decided to go to America to attend the Parliament of Religions. But after meeting Swami Vivekananda, the Raja decided that Swamiji was the proper person to attend the Conference.

TMC chief must win this assembly seat to continue as West Bengal Chief Minister as she was defeated by BJP’s Suvendu Banerjee from the Nandigram seat.

The bust of this "seat racket" is appalling. It’s just like making a hole in the plate you're eating! This revelation has once again proven Pakistan's involvement in terrorist incidents and creating unrest in Jammu and Kashmir.