“We should focus on Atmanirbharta in private equity and venture funding for the sustained all-round development of our economy," says Shri SK Narvar, Chairman, Capital India Finance Corp.

Bhagat Singh was a light lit against the storm, he was the ripple against the wave, though he knew he would not survive for long, but it did not stop him from raging like a wildfire.

The World Culture Festival organized by The Art of Living Organization on 11th, 12th and 13th of March, 2016 was attended by heads of the countries, heads of companies, artists, saints, and celebrities.

“I wish to thank PM Narendra Modi for his public appreciation for private entrepreneurship and Indian businesses. As India comes out of its COVID19 economic recovery, the Indian government's approach in facilitating private sector participation in nation-building will create positive sentiment and speed-up on-ground growth,” SK Narvar said in a detailed conversation.

The challenge and solution before us are clear. India has the second-largest number of tobacco consumers (268 million) in the world. Alarmingly, nearly 1.2 million Indians die every year from tobacco-related diseases. The evidence is clear: Tobacco is a burden to development.

As per the data released by Enforcement Directorate, anti-CAA protest was funded by the Popular Front of India (PFI), the leaders of Congress and the Aam Aadmi Party. PFI deposited Rs120 crores in 73 bank accounts for successful execution of the anti CAA protest around the city.

Attacks on Muslims are highlighted but attacks by them on other religious groups are passed off as routine law and order issues. This inability to look at crimes dispassionately keeps communities divided. And this divide is fanned by those who style themselves as secularists!

Sharing his assessment of the Union Budget 2021, SK Narvar says that it will empower Indians to lead the world with confidence, courage, and conviction.

Union Budget 2021, presented by FM Sitharaman, received rave reviews from the industry leaders as they see mega push in capital expenditure as a ‘booster dose for economy.’