In a nutshell,  'The Forgotten History of India,' by Arun Anand, is a brave attempt to highlight some historical truths especially in context of the RSS.

During Captain’s tenure, there are no such precedent of rumblings within the Punjab Congress becoming a national spectacle.

When Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared, via televised address, to withdraw the three farm laws after witnessing year-long opposition, it...

At the inauguration of Kashi Vishwanath corridor project, PM Modi wonderfully articulated that this project is a beautiful meeting point of embracing the old and adopting the new.

In the past, Uttar Pradesh has seen four-cornered contests. However, in current scenario, SP is seen as BJP’s biggest challenger. If 2022 elections see a bipolar contest, the political dynamics may change and people may opt more for the two – either BJP or SP.

— By Shubham Goyal Today is the commemoration of the Fall of Dacca (Dhaka which is named after the Hindu...

With UP Assembly polls approaching, BJP won't hesitate in blowing its trumpet as the party believes that it deserves credit for reviving the religious & spiritual centres in the state.

As PM Modi mentioned, fintech rests on the four pillars of investments, income, insurance and institutional credit. As these get democratized with every Indian able to access them, the nation's progress toward socio-economic self-sustainability becomes a reality.

India has one of the lowest quit rates for smoking. The Ministry, claim sources, has tried hard to curb smoking but it has not worked.