For Ben Stokes, his brilliant knock of 84 not out in the final and winning World Cup would remain as a moment of redemption. But his name would also be associated with controversies

The political crisis began the day after the assembly elections, apparently because of the one-upmanship between the three parties.

One would find every region, religion, culture, major languages represented there. The slight variations in pronunciation of actors doesn’t appear jarring.

Play shows how nexus between elected representatives, contractors, public interest agitants and litigants, commission agents, government officials have seeped into the system to create a quid pro quo and sharing of spoils system.

The play uses the narrative story telling format by alluding to scenes witnessed by Gandhi’s contemporaries. Projecting documentary clips of Gandhi’s real life on background screen while enacting scenes on stage comes across in perfect harmony.

The play is a stinging social critique of the state’s avowed aim of only allowing higher education being run on not for profit, yet indirectly promoting all pervasive profiteering, power broking and power perpetuation of socially powerful caste groups and associations.

Gandhi or no Gandhi – this seems to be the biggest challenge for Congress party. In either case, the challenge looks big.

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