Rather than indulging in verbal duel & squabbling to score political points, it seeks to propagate the Brand Kejriwal beyond Delhi. Adopting realpolitik is clearly the party's new mantra.

The BJP-JD(U) alliance may be confident as it swept 2019 Lok Sabha elections and won almost 90% votes in 243 assembly segments. However, as Delhi has shown, assembly elections in Bihar can be a totally different ballgame.

With three losses in Grand Slams finals now, Thiem is increasingly becoming a sentimental favourite, like Andy Murray and Goran Ivanisevic were after losing several finals, before finally winning.

Finance Minister has rolled out an excellent budget with a thrust to core areas such as agriculture, healthcare, education infrastructure and rural development.

Nitish Kumar breaking his silence on Prashant Kishor and the latter replying with derogatory tweet triggered the ouster of political strategist and Pavan Varma.

Soon after Amit Shah taking charge as party president for the full term, BJP faced disastrous defeat in Delhi and Bihar, at the hands of Arvind Kejriwal and Mahagathbandhan respectively.

If follow any politician on social media you can easily see leaders posting their day to day routine or giving updates about their campaign or policies.

Author says that, On 29 March 2015, at the Bharatiya Janata Paty’s (BJP’s) old office at 11 Ashoka Road, a digital counter was ticking. Party workers, office-bearers and staff, all were staring at the digital screen.

If we go by the data, it is quite likely that BJP would form government in Delhi next month. BJP's strategy of making Manoj Tiwari the president of Delhi BJP has worked - a large number of Poorvanchali voters who voted for AAP in 2015 are voting for BJP now.