Echoing the importance of protecting nature, a student said: "We collect waste as fees which are later sent for recycling. Along with good education, we are also taught to value the importance of nature. This helps us keep our area clean."

Guddan is popularly known as 'Police wali madam' (lady police officer) among the children in her district. Many unprivileged children in Khurja have now started feeling privileged enough after getting access to free and good education.

This Central government institute sponsored by State Bank of India (SBI) is imparting computer education to students who belong to the far-flung and remotest corner of the district.

A Special Investigation Team (SIT) was formed by the Uttar Pradesh police after a complaint in the state education department about employees with fake or tampered degrees was lodged.

In a recent mixed-method study, published in the journal of Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, researchers surveyed 478 undergraduates and 36 instructors on their perception of technology use in class.

Leading journalists and thinkers gathered at the Constitution Club on Saturday evening, for a round of discussion on the ‘Modi Neeti’ of the Narendra Modi government 2.0.

Here are the views and reactions of Education industry experts on the Union Budget announcement.

Concerted efforts have been made to boost education standards. Three institutes - two IITs and IISc (Indian Institute of Science Bengaluru) are in top 200. We will continue making concerted efforts

Due to prevalent heatwave present throughout the state of Haryana, the summer vacations are hereby extended for another 07 days i.e, up to 07.07.2019 (i.e Sunday). Schools will re-open on 8th July i.e Monday." read a notification issued by Office of Director General Secondary Education Haryana