Message of the Day: Being able to spontaneously connect to the people and heal all is an important skill to develop and a bonus point in life to explore and heal more

Daily Horoscope: Think positively, speak with kindness and act with wisdom to generate a good outflow.

Numerology Predictions for the Week: From Astro Strategist, Business Astrologer and Celebrity (September 25 To October 01, 2020 )

Message of the Day: Continue the healing. Healing hugs of truly relevant prayer. Love from the relevant light.

Daily Horoscope: Don’t worry too much as you are in the centre of a great new way of working to optimise your potential.

The best way to get better at your healing work is to create a clear direction in what you are healing.

Daily Horoscope: You sense that a lot of people are willing to help you with the work but you are unable to use the resource effectively

Message of the Day: In some moments one has to just do the healing action and leave the rest to the divine plan.

Adventure forth with friends in the evening to help resolve this issue.

The healing attitude will keep you safe and provide you with the means to remain happy and content in your life.