Connect to an old friend post office and know that down time with the light and relaxation are also important.

There is a lot on your plate to do, so be patient with those who need you to do things differently.

Each day do some act of goodness. Give to a worthy cause. Help some individual. Make up your mind to save one soul everyday.

Financially you are in an island, and deals in the last few years that stopped suddenly will reawaken to give you your just rewards.

You think you are an emotionally and mentally strong individual, but the reality is that you are very soft in the heart.

Healing hugs from larger dimensions of light. Love from the centre of the golden rings.

You can be a better leader if you combine confidence with compassion and practical thinking in all situations in life.

Know that only the Divine is real and all else is not. Leave the light of love in the world and rejoice in the healing process.

Thoughts of a new relationship will be upper most in your heart desires.

New Delhi: Mars, the master of strength, valor, courage and might and the commander of the planets, has transited in...