There is nothing wrong in overreaching for something that you want badly enough, but when you step in others’ way, it goes and leaves a bad taste in the mouth of others.

You will be able to precisely acquire more energy of wisdom and then share it in the group, but there will be someone who is not looking forward to spending time together.

Dealing with old issues will take up most of the day. Don’t let someone else’s stress to rub off on you today. You know what changes need to be made so get going. Opportunities ahead are plentiful, so make the most of them all.

There are plenty of new possibilities but you have to be firm and take in the new situations with maturity and move only towards that which take you forward.

Hirav Shah made predictions on state of global economy on 1st Jan, 2020. He made predictions that there may be some turbulence in Global Economics from December 2019 which would continue for whole of 2020. And it's already facing massive turbulence since February 2020.

The past is always a learning tool for a better today, you will reflect well and take a decision that leaves you happy and satisfied.

You will be very strongly instrumental in creating anew work environment of peace and prosperity for your life experiences with others.a

Continuous patterns of confirmed thoughts are making you obsess about your future. You need to be more balanced with a semblance of giving to others to enjoy their unconditional love for you.

Very strong winds of change are affecting the world and all living souls. Prepare to heal more today by using your symbols , methods of healing, your mantras and prayers.

It is important to look at the facts of the situation, before you make long term decisions about your work and relationships. Financially today is a much better day and some planning will begin to create a better future.