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Daily Horoscope: Your zodiac and forecast (February 20)

You will be assuming that a tense situation will resolve if you take sides, but you should refrain as it will only get worse

Aura Guidance for 20.02.2024 (all 12 signs) 

­­­1. Aries


“As the month is slowly coming to an end, your insights and your philosophy do not stand you in a good place Expansion of a new sphere of solitude leaves you feeling helpless or depressed in your heart. Changing the focus of the light to your own welfare will definitely leave you feeling better.”

2. Taurus


“Belonging to someone special is a yearning that you have carried in your heart for a long time and today you will be surprised by the turn of events. Consolidating all the power and moving towards completing tasks will continue to make progress an easy milestone.””

3. Gemini


“Continuously calling and sending messages and emails will not bring you the results that you are leaving scope for or searching for. Be patient in all your interactions. Conceptualise and execute your work in excellence as you are being watched. Be patient with your co workers as they are putting in their best.”

 4. Cancer


“Vigilant and verifying all documentation will go in your favour in the long run. Consolidate your position by asking questions and making detailed notes Expanding the horizons by investing your time in people is a good way to start your day today. You have no right to expect anything from anyone as you have been very unforgiving for the past week.”

5. Leo


“Human Resources and financial investments will take you into a new route of doing things that are very important for your future success. Professional success and wellness are the two things that you are learning and looking to impress everyone today. Create a new life by sowing the
seeds of good fortune.”

6. Virgo


““Belonging in the universe of financial opulence are many who are always positive and bringing good vibrations for togetherness. Reconciliation and new consents at work can take you to great heights. Take a step back from a romantic affair.”

7. Libra


“Merging the new work with the ongoing commitments is a struggle for many but you have a flair and a commitment to see things done in time. Installing new discipline in your life helps you feel more confident and courageous. Be patient with your family members as they could be irrational in their demands.”

8. Scorpio


“Defensive and delirious will be the mood of the people that you will have to work with today.There will be a reluctance to complete the work that leaves you feeling frustrated. Connected to your work with a seriousness that is noteworthy will bring you a great feedback and some financial support and progress in the day that leaves you happy and raring to go ahead.”

9. Sagittarius


“Progressive and conservative is a subtle duality that reflects out of your personality quite naturally. Allow others to also do things for you. Everyone wants to be recognised as a thoughtful and considerate person who will inspire others to achieve success. Today you will be flowing again with the light of sharing and caring.”

10. Capricorn


“Mentally strong and emotionally aggressive is your personality and your wisdom is overflowing. Congregate in the middle of the day and discuss your resolutions and make plans to stay ahead of the bosses. Try not to worry about your life circumstances surrounding you and your work.”

11. Aquarius


“Financially you are stepping into a new phase of your life for the better. Continue to work hard at all your projects as each one is more important than the other. Mentally you are good for your life goals but there are many dependent on you. Be prepared to help family and friends, and stay calm when confronted with demands.”

12. Pisces


“Your plans could be derailed by a mischievous intent by someone who does not like you. Over the next few hours you will make some long term decisions that will be beneficial for you. Financial gains in the day will come unannounced and will help resolve financial issues.”