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Daily Horoscope: Your zodiac and forecast (February 23)

You will be assuming that a tense situation will resolve if you take sides, but you should refrain as it will only get worse

Aura Guidance for 23.02.2024 (all 12 signs) 

­­­1. Aries


“All the news will be happy with your relationships coming home to rest. Resting in the shade of your comfort zone, there will a special time to express yourself freely today and acting with confidence, you will be able to accomplish what you set out for. Financial gains in the now will give you lots of happiness.”

2. Taurus


“All good acts tend to make us pure and perfect. At the same time today you will be trying to upgrade your progress to the next level. Congenial in your attitude will pay rich dividends in your favour with your financial investments and transactions leaving you happy. Pretending to being in a working relationship with a partner on a greater project leaves you hanging.”

3. Gemini


“Be conscious of your responsibilities. There is a special person in your universe, universally and eternally active and wants to be supportive for a new work project. Trust in your heart may become responsible for the delay. Just rally around and look out for your love interest and ask or advise for your success with the people.”

 4. Cancer


“Challenges are many but you will be greatly rewarded with happiness and joy in all your experiences with the light of love. Your bad tendencies need to be weeded out so that you can be better than the reality of your destiny unfolding in your spiritual journey with the light of love and compassion.”

5. Leo


“You will question today that why do you always have to be the one doing good for the others. Apparently you may feel that you are helping others, but, you will be fully helping yourself. Be grateful for your body and respectfully treat the self with better fitness and sleep regime.”

6. Virgo


“Lovingly move ahead and know that you will be a great success for your future as it unfolds. Help yourself to be happy with the success coming your way. Stay in the space of humility. You have a great opportunity for your siblings that you will share today. Be grateful in your attitude towards your life partner to reap happiness and success.”

7. Libra


“It is ok after all, to just be patient with the family and yourself. Converting a small family asset into cash may have the power to upset you. Spend time with the parents for continuous improvement in your mood. If another person wants something from you, today it would be best to give it away.”

8. Scorpio


“Just be patient with the elders. By the kindness and compassion in your spiritual wisdom, you will be able to accomplish happiness in all your experiences. Consolidate your finances as property investments may come up. Channel your life and your destiny with a great amount ofsuccess which is greatly appreciated by others.”

9. Sagittarius


“Continue to be good to your family and friends. We must keep our troubles to ourselves in order to overcome them completely. You have a very strong relationship with the people that are willing to help resolve the issues with the work. Taking help today goes in your favour.”

10. Capricorn


“A new person will approach you to construct a new business venture which can be achieved by the inputs of all involved. Materialistic desires are coming up and leaving you feeling helpless. Contrasting days of different circumstances surrounding your life have the power to upset you. Giving too much of yourself to others will leave you depleted.”

11. Aquarius


“Be patient with family as they are also clamouring for attention. A lot of hard work in the past has brought you to this point, and you will be pleasantly surprised when you will be applauded and recognised for your work. Investing in an angel fund or investing in a project will be beneficial for your future journey.”

12. Pisces


“The golden energies that are present in your aura, bring you to a space of newness where there will be a special opportunity to plan success. You will agree to a plan made by someone else, and this will help create a new work environment. Successful completion of an important project will be a feather in your cap.”