A genuine person enters your life and your desires are in the mind, slowly surfacing to be fulfilled.

“ Place a plate of food on the table, wait for fifteen minutes and then eat some and share with two other people. “

Here are Numerology Predictions for the week ( July 03 To July 9, 2020 ) from Astro Strategist, Business Astrologer and Celebrity Numerologist.

Give in plenty, give gladly, and with gratitude. Healing hugs of wisdom and charity. Love from an equal minded fortune.

Change your attitude towards your relationships and you will feel better soon. You will think a lot about what someone has been specifically constructing for your success

There is a lot of conversation at work about the changes needed to propel everyone forward.

We must use our time in this life very appropriately to progress and prosper. Win the battle of life, be in the world and yet be away from the shackles. This is the victory which one has to achieve. Use your time to meditate,

A resolution can bring you a financial reward that you are not expecting. Be creative with the people around you.

The result is the purification of the heart and leads us to know the whole story of life, the news that it is only the same story.