You can be a better leader if you combine confidence with compassion and practical thinking in all situations in life.

Know that only the Divine is real and all else is not. Leave the light of love in the world and rejoice in the healing process.

Thoughts of a new relationship will be upper most in your heart desires.

New Delhi: Mars, the master of strength, valor, courage and might and the commander of the planets, has transited in...

A good period for travel, especially spiritual and understanding the spiritual wisdom, strength, compassion and healing unfolding in your heart.

Learn to heal and trust the light with faith, dignity, permanence, and glory of the self so that we never forget: that we have to heal daily.

Allow your creativity to flow through your experiences with your finances and know that there is enough cash flow to create a new business.

The steps climbing up the shining golden staircase lead us to the highest state of healing consciousness, blessedness, divine perfection, and finally liberation from all pain.

During this period, Venus will be conjunct with the Sun and will also be combust. Due to this, Venus may not give its full results. Let’s know how this transit of Venus will affect all the 12 zodiac signs.