Wishing for another’s happiness comes easily to a healer. A healer heals in service to the light with a pure heart and in true faith. Just continue to heal.

Mentally you are empathetic towards your peers but there is a strong balance between your heart and mind which impresses all the people around you.

Right conduct, wide knowledge, charity, penance, sacrifice, physical purity, all lead to healing with pure love and devotion.

Harmonising your life plans with what other people in the family want to do will take you into a new place of value in the eyes of the others.

Exclusive interaction with the light and distance from the negative energies will definitely help you to accomplish your desires which are truly supportive of your spiritual consciousness.

Many patterns of disquiet engulf your mind and keep you awake at night. There will be plenty of new financial inputs that will create a beautiful pattern of prosperity, happiness, joy and success.

Meritorious excellence is recognised by the qualities of a person, noble disposition is recognised by the family background. Successful accomplishments show the quality of knowledge bestowed upon a person.

There have been plenty of good things that have happened recently. Plan the week ahead for rest and relaxation with the family.

Change your attitude towards your nearest and dearest people and see how quickly your fortunes will change. Love the light guiding your progress, and know that there are a lot of new people who will inspire you and your success.