Happiness is a good fortune generator, that gives greater and stronger connections with your spiritual destiny. Stay and heal.

Change the financial norms and take some risk to grow the nest egg. Youneed to tilt things towards the more attractive end of the spectrum.

Thought and emotion are co-joined with forgiveness to create a vortex of a new consciousness that uplifts from the root itself.

The best plan today is to keep a safe distance from people who are completely negative. Control the kind of interaction that you have with these people.

Centre the world in your heart and know that there are no barriers in the living spheres. Acknowledge that you love yourself and everyone. Heal without a doubt.

There will be much that you will need guidance for, but, you are driven to complete the work well. Many relationships need your undivided attention.

Daily Aura Guidance for the Zodiac – By Renooji 1. Aries Your sense of humour will take you in a...

Remain in the light of contentment with compassion and know that you have healed all relationships with others who have willingly shared their light.

A lot of impulsive actions will be seen as a bullying technique and that you are also being watched for a promotion so be reclusive for sure.