We must use our time in this life very appropriately to progress and prosper. Win the battle of life, be in the world and yet be away from the shackles. This is the victory which one has to achieve. Use your time to meditate,

A resolution can bring you a financial reward that you are not expecting. Be creative with the people around you.

The result is the purification of the heart and leads us to know the whole story of life, the news that it is only the same story.

Develop a profitable skill or service so that all changes are improving your experiences and relationships.

“Connect to three situations where you did not help someone, (write them down) and pledge that you will not repeat this mistake.”

Continue to concentrate on your own work for your relationships with your spiritual friends intact. You feel that your energy is drained.

This leads to the identity of interest. I have seen people more interested in their phone than with the people around them.

There is a niggling doubt about someone not being honest and truthful with you that could even lead to disturbed sleep. Be patient with yourself and your family.

One whose mind is clear and cleansed can then meditate on good thoughts, happiness, benevolence and combing away the cobwebs leads others to the light.