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Daily Horoscope: Your zodiac and forecast (February 8)




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Aura Guidance for 08.02.2024 (all 12 signs) 

­­­1. Aries


“Beautifully orchestrated by your intelligence, the grace of your actions will speak louder than your words. Expand your relationships with the family and others through and with acts of generosity. See your world become more beautiful. You are definitely loving at a new venture or striking out in your own but the financial backing has to be solid before you take the plunge.”

2. Taurus


“You are a true devotee and your spiritual side needs a bigger heart and continuous acts of compassion for you to feel satisfied. There will be plenty of efforts put through by your team but there is someone who us strongly opposed to any of your ideas. Step back and try again in three weeks to be successful. Your spiritual nature makes you take things in your stride.”

3. Gemini


“Continue your philanthropy, and seek the blessings of the elders to augment your business and work frontiers. The inner voice of reason is speaking with your voice of the heart. Stay connected to your family for wellness. Some of you will be looking to spend money on assets, just be careful that you don’t get entangled in a legal dispute.”

 4. Cancer


“You are consolidating your business opportunities and position so that there are no more money hassles and you move towards stability. Giving things away from your heart will give you happiness and some sense of doing the right thing. Create your own information access, and keep it silently private.”

5. Leo


“Blessings are coming from your heart relationships and taking you towards your new destiny full of strength. You are going to be responsible today to coordinate a very important meeting that leaves you feeling validated and fulfilled as your talents will be recognised. Be patient with your parents as their health needs a silent watch.”

6. Virgo


“Your perception about things could be true. Be prepared for change. Continue to learn about life’s experiences differently and stepping into new shoes know that you have to be rewarded with happiness joy and prosperity when you are caring about others. You may mistakenly think it does not amount to much.”

7. Libra


“You are concerned whether you will be able to take your career forward. Spending a good deal of time with your friends for your happiness and joy to grow, financially brings you heart felt restructuring and success. Playing the Cupid in developing a strong relationship for a relative.”

8. Scorpio


“There will be some financial transactions that will benefit your future destiny. Be positive in your heart desires. As all that you are thinking of will manifest and will be more than you can handle. Concentrating on the more important aspects of your life makes you plan for the immediate future and there could be travel ahead.”

9. Sagittarius


“As the day begins anew, you will be rewarded with some praise and a new assignment that looks easy but you will have to work hard to complete. Choices of spending money will vary according to the needs of the family, it is best to postpone the trip to the market. Move to a new place for wellness and some of you could be satisfied with renovations”

10. Capricorn


“Functional solutions are very promising in the moment but you will need to educate yourself more to be super powerful in your decisions. So move with confidence and compassion for the self and others flows will manifest to assist you. Associate with your inner meditating self and finding solutions to your relationship issues, there will be some of you moving away from home.”

11. Aquarius


“You will receive a signal or information to unravel the truth or secret that you need to focus on or it could be about your project and new work. Move to a new house is indicated for some of you. Buying property and redecorating is on the cards and your aura looks very healthy for taking life forward towards success.”

12. Pisces


“Suddenly you will find new meaning to life. You can do your work and practice your meditation and then do things for the welfare of all. Harmony in the house is indicated and professionally you are forging ahead towards greater financial stability and acquisition of some of your lost assets.”