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Daily Horoscope: Your zodiac and forecast (February 12)

You want to experience partnership or companionship at a deeper level and this could cause your relationships with others to slow down. Fully instructed and completely instrumental in bringing change, you will be appreciated





Aura Guidance for 12.02.2024 (all 12 signs) 

­­­1. Aries


“Challenges at work are diminishing and you are very strong willed to complete the work. Enhance your relationships with others by setting up a give and take relationship. You are fully inspired to be of help for all those who are willing to help resolve the issues at work. Be fruitfully occupied by your meditation and yoga community.”

2. Taurus


“Just when you connect to the family togetherness, it will be time for a distance travel that takes you back to work with the people who love you unconditionally. Facts will get you further than charm. You will have the ability to handle someone’s emotions and still keep love intact.”

3. Gemini


“Intellectually you are pointing out the faults and inspiring people to rejig the eventual product. You will have a good day to work with your work schedule tomorrow. Continued success is seen and then deciding to change your work will only happen if you decide what you want to do next.”

 4. Cancer


“When hard choices need to be made it is best to keep your focus on the work. Negotiate well at work and produce the results expected from you. Some of you will be negotiating deals for personal or professional gains. Be persuasive and scheme to win the hand.”

5. Leo


“Simply put, your aura is full of a greenish golden light; and there is a huge reservoir of success waiting in the immediate future for you. Some of your concerns and delays are a very important part of your journey to success. Stay in touch with the people who are helping and know that solutions are near.”

6. Virgo


“Special circumstances surrounding your relationships with finance force you to check whether you can afford things. Change the course of your destiny by remembering to be happy with your life. Happiness is a constant if you want it. As a purple energy is gloriously surrounding your aura, know that intellectual creativity is flowing into your aura.”

7. Libra


“Plenty of people who are willing to share the idea / plan of business with you are all going to benefit from your marketing and sales techniques. Continue to be good to the family as there is much to be gained from the togetherness. Choices about holidays and money investments will lead to confrontational conversations that leave you saddened.”

8. Scorpio


“There is someone on the side of the opposition and trying to gauge details of your plans, so be careful with your secretive tasks. Relationships will get back on track and everyone is back to being friends again. Financial negotiations will go in your favour and leave you feeling very satisfied and fulfilled.”

9. Sagittarius


“There is a sense of urgency and maturity in your aura that your spiritual consciousness will multiply for your benefit. You could be offered a new job or a promotion. This is a liberating and pleasing phase of life. There will be a family argument or dispute that will need your help.”

10. Capricorn


“Be creative and share the knowledge that will keep you comfortable and happy. You have lately been thinking about your relationships with others and this could end up leaving you feeling sad today. Consolidate all that you want to do with the work and move to a relaxed evening.”

11. Aquarius


“You want to experience partnership or companionship at a deeper level and this could cause your relationships with others to slow down. Fully instructed and completely instrumental in bringing change, you will be appreciated. Romance for some of you is also in the cards. Be patient with your heart desires as there is a new light showing you a new path.”

12. Pisces


“Chances are that you are very much appreciated by your family and your finances will have to be used to take the work forward. Happily network and make connections with others who will help you promote the work ahead. Just when you think that your actions are not going the way you want, you will cleverly put another plan in place.”