Your zodiac and forecast

Superbly placed, many of you are connected to the truth of your talents but it will take a long time to complete the work you want to do. Justice will prevail as you take new steps.

Perseverance pays off and eventually the project at work that you have been pursuing comes to completion.

Allow your creativity to flow through your experiences with your finances and know that there is enough cash flow to create a new business.

It’s a day to bring happiness to your family, enjoying good health and remaining in peace. You must first control your mind and discipline will follow.

You are better at mediating, or negotiating your relationships with others who are in business and this is a great time to complete contracts and move away from all conflict or dispute.

Stay connected to your heart self. Meditation and healing energies are flowing through your spiritual consciousness which will manifest happiness, joy and prosperity and compassion for your people and your world.

Daily Horoscope: Allowing yourself to recognise what is good for you today will be the best way forward.

Daily Horoscope: Stay tuned into your psychic abilities to inspire happiness, joy and prosperity in your future.

Creating a new frontier in the work front only expands your work. This may lead to a lot of new challenges and responsibilities. Spacing your meetings with the people in your work schedule will be helpful