. All wrong doings can be attached to an extreme need for more, more of wealth and more of everything.

As we traverse the healing universes we are excited, overjoyed and completely submerged in the pleasing exchange of energy, love and light.

Heal sufficiently to enhance your experience of speaking acting and pursuing without unnecessary external restrictions.

Heal sufficiently to move ahead and reach your goals with a human ability to recognise that the Divine does not design us for failure.

Healing hugs of contemplation. Love from the greatest ocean.

2020 will be favorable for those in the field of Automobiles, Telecom, Metals, Politics, Occult Science, Consultancy, Education, Entertainment etc, predicts Astro-Strategist and Celebrity Numerologist Hirav Shah.

As an aspirational healer begins to heal with the light of love, there is seldom doubt. When an exceptional healer begins to heal as a demand , or expectation; there is seldom any light flowing.

Small things will demand too much of your energy which will make you feel tired or maybe even exhausted.

Someone can make you feel good. Enjoy the support that people give you by listening to you when others have stopped altogether

Stop yourself from gathering your finances with an intention to change your investment plan as there could be a loss today.