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Astrology 2022: Message of the Day (Nov 30)





Message of the Day – By Renooji



There are three ways that we can increase our association with the divine presence of the light to know who we really are, or what aspects we should identify with or believe in. There are many views, many voices and our own feelings that fight for control over our inner intuitive selves. Healing is to enhance our intuitive knowing self to be awakened and sufficiently supportive to our heart desires to continue to spiritualise our destiny here and there. Once we begin healing in earnest, we become truly useful to others. It is important to view our thoughts, understanding them with a generosity and an acceptance that makes us travel through different realms and perspectives without hinderances or confusion. Our good heart travels with us even after death, and our true goodness and warmth touched by the healing practice leaves us embraced by the warmth of Divine Love; love where our true being flowers. Bringing the self home, we release and we relax.
Healing hugs of beauty. Love from the highest meditative zones of Divine Love.

Chakra that just opened up to receive-All the chakras- resonating with the effulgent pristine presence of a new light that is surrounded by gold. Installing in each one of you a gem of new consciousness to achieve success.

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