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Daily Horoscope: Your zodiac and forecast (October 9)

Relax, as there has to be a release of the stress. You are better off negotiating and mediating rather than purchasing today.

1. Aries Aries

“You are continuously spearheading new life experiences with everyone enjoying the results,
but are you sure this is what you bargained for? Choices made by you always make you feel you
were short changed but today there is resolution in your mind and coming to terms with
speaking up leaves you feeling liberated.”


2. Taurus


“Aspects of your personality are truly appreciated by your family and your finances support
your adventures today as well. There is a new fund gliding through the process of advanced
work and this pleases you no end. You are a champion when it comes to reaching out and
helping someone in distress. Stay connected to your heart self.”

3. Gemini 


“Your acknowledgment will manifest your new awareness of happiness , joy and prosperity.
Continuity in your progression in life is taking everyone by surprise. Changes in the order of the
work schedule, has the power to upset you, but, your healing energies will inspire your success
which is inevitable.”

4. Cancer


“You are truly appreciated by your family and you will strive to appreciate the family too but
will be inundated with your lifestyle changes and responsibilities, that, you will prioritise your
future journey with your work. You are in a better frame of mind and compassion for you and
your desires makes you work hard for now and forever.”

5. Leo 


“Very good patterns of courage are unfolding in the centre of your work and possible romantic
avenues are opening up. Growth of a new venture is bringing a special energy of financial
acumen that is bringing you accolades. Appreciation of conduct is inspiring you to regenerate
your relationship with your parents and elders.”

6. Virgo 


“You are maturing into a better person and responsible in your interactions with finances and
spending but also with spending time with your family. Clubs, movies, entertainment and
overextending hospitality will end up in a financial expenditure that is not affordable.”

7. Libra 


“As you are not in a position of authority to make the change, silence would be your best
instrument of self preservation. Grow your self by upscaling your talents . A trip is on the
horizon, which will leave you excited and brings strong bonds of continuity in all your
relationships. Old family business or responsibilities will be back in your lap.”

8. Scorpio 


“Revenue generation is increasing, which makes you happy. Tranquil, placid, meditative and
serene are the energies of the day and some of you may be fool hardy to stay away from work.
Chances of a new work opportunity coming your way are high and some of you may even be
looking to invest in property.”

9. Sagittarius 


“Simplicity and a sense of ownership in innocence will force you to take decisions that have
long term implications that are not beneficial. Some of you will be wining and dining old friends,
and neglect of work is the consequence. Encourage yourself to take the path of responsible
behaviour as today execution of work will bring satisfaction and gratitude.”

10. Capricorn 


“Discuss issues with clarity and openly to find solutions otherwise things will get camouflaged
and lie dormant to become a ticking time bomb. Choices in your immediate future success need
to be made so that you remain happy and well. Health of a parent could be of great concern.
Stay focused on relationship building.”

11. Aquarius 


“It is the work and financial planning for your future ideas that becomes possible. You may be
caught in two minds or you may even have great options to work things out with. Relax and
rethink to maximise profit. People expect a lot from you now and interestingly you will be able
to support them.”

12. Pisces 


“You will get guidance from hidden quarters and hidden means. Chances are that you are going
through a great journey ahead and your relationships with others are better and finally
everything results in financial upliftment. It is a good day to understand your own inner self
confidence and resulting in happiness move to a safer place.”

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