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Message of the Day 18th Nov




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Changing planets.
Changing the course of your destiny!
Meditate and initiate !

Engage successfully to your life path and heal! Healing evokes balance, music,
resonance, joy, bliss and truthfulness.
The circle of light empowering meditation is a tool for all healers to rejoice in the
knowing that we are never alone. We are all united in the spiritual realm and we are
conscious of our own individual responsibilities in the here and now.
1)As a being of light, we are cleansing and are cleansed of all negative energies.
2)We invite abundance from the spiritual realms as we hold hands in the psychic
realm to download all that is needed in the now.
3)Permanent peace and joy are overflowing to reach each soul on Planet Earth to
create a spontaneous flow of growth and evolution in all dimensions.
4)Invoking of the inner being of Light.
5)Invoking the unlimited flow of Divine Energies and blessings.
6)Receiving empowerment and assistance with wisdom to handle daily life
7)Experiencing a deep cleansing, emotionally, mentally, physically, financially,
spiritually, psychically and psychologically.
8) Being a mystical spiritual healer, sharing the light in a clear way.
9) Learning to create a special psychic protection for one and all, and living a simple,
down to earth and humble life, yet assisting one and all in the now.
Just be happy and heal on. Healing hugs of the reality of changing our existence.
Love from the transforming blue print of each soul to be self – empowered to unfold
The harmonics of your soul are real tools for transformation and healing , to help you
on your journey. To support you on your way. To remind you of what you already
know and to free you from the illusion of the world you live in.