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Message of the Day 19 Nov





Joyous is the light!
We are all healing!
Meditate and initiate !
Engage successfully to your life path and heal! Healing evokes balance, music,
resonance, joy, bliss and truthfulness.
Each of these morning messages are filled with a mystical energy along with a
hidden learning that takes us into the portals of a mystical universe filled with light.
These messages are deceptively powerful. You might not realise it, till you
personally begin to document and implement the energies of change into your life.
Some of you may just be happy with the majority of people that you interact with.
You must give your body and mind a few minutes of quietude after reading the
message to be sufficiently connected and empowered with the light being channelled
to you by Divvya and me. Accepting the light in thankfulness and gratitude will open
you up to being more receptive. Take a few deep breaths, wiggle your toes a little
and move your fingers knowing that the light flows out of the fingertips to empower
all your activities. Give your body and mind a minute to adjust to the light before you
go about your day. A rainbow spectrum of light, perfectly aligned is flowing out of
you, leaving you in a space of connectedness which is unlimited. Receive and share.
Healing hugs of the moon and the sun for healing existence. Love from all the souls
descendants who are transforming each soul to unfold talent.
The harmonics of your soul are real tools for transformation and healing , to help you
on your journey. To support you on your way. To remind you of what you already
know and to free you from the illusion of the world you live in.