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Puthandu 2023: Date, History, Significance, Importance of Tamil New Year

Puthandu 2023: It is the starting of Chaithirai month and holds a great significance in Tamil people.

New Delhi: Puthandu marks the beginning of the Tamil New Year, according to the Tamil Calendar. It is also known as Pathuvarudam.

According to Tamil calendar, Puthandu is the first day of chaithirai month.

People of Tamil Nadu celebrates this day with great joy and enthusiasm. Also Tami community people residing out of the country also celebrates this day with full energy.

Apart from this, the festival is also celebrated in other parts of the country with different names . In Punjab, it is celebrated as Baishakhi, in Assam as Bihu and in Northern India as Sankranti.

It is the starting of Chaithirai month and holds a great significance in Tamil people. Every year, Puthandu falls on April 14, according to Georgian calendar.

A day before Puthandu, people start cleaning their homes, decorate them with flower garlands and make rangolis with rice flour. As a part of ritual people take turmeric bath and offer prayers.

People wear new clothes and visit temples. Three fruits are considered as auspicious for the festival that are: Jackfruit, Banana, and Mango. Many people like to offer precious item such as gold and silver coins or offer them in the form of jewellery.

Devotees do aarti and light Sambrani and sing devotional songs in order to please their god. A special dish is prepared called ‘Pongal’-which is made up of rice is offered as Bhog to God. A very old ritual followed by the people is reading of ‘ Panchangam’ which is read by the eldest member of the family.

Family members and friends meet each other and celebrate the festival together.