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Sun’s transit in Taurus: Problems to be faced by these zodiacs during this period

From May 15, 2022, to June 15, the Sun will transit in Taurus. This transit is going to affect many zodiacs. 




New Delhi: According to astrology, the Sun is the supreme of all the planets and is going to transit in Taurus soon. Sun in astrology represents vitality and wellbeing. With it, you possess leadership-like qualities and a quest to prove yourself worthy in front of the world. Besides, the Sun also gives us the strength to manifest things and helps us to grab one’s wants in his/her life. The transit of the Sun will have a negative impact on many zodiac signs.

From May 15, 2022, to June 15, the Sun will transit in Taurus. This transit is going to affect many zodiacs.

Here are the zodiac signs which will be affected by the transit of the sun:

1. The negative effect of the sun transit on Gemini: During this period, there will be a lack of energy in Gemini. Also, you may face difficulty focusing on your personal and professional life. You may not be able to give your 100% effort. There might be misunderstandings in relationships with your siblings, especially with elder ones. You might face some problems with your eyes as well.

2. Can affect the health of Libra: During this period, Libraians might face health problems including body pain and lack of energy, i.e. weakness. Besides, financial crisis can strike at this point in time. Thus, avoid any investment as you may suffer a loss during this period.


3.  Scorpio people can become angry: People falling under Scorpio zodiac can lose patience and become angry and assertive. Besides, you may face difficulties in talking personal and professional responsibilities. One might face problem in married life as well. Take extra care of your health during this time.

4. Capricorns should take extra care of their money: During this period, Capricorns might face financial problems. Avoid making big investments during this period, or else you might have to suffer heavy losses. Your work environment will seem to be a little disturbed, especially your relationship with your boss. 

5. Effect of sun transit on Aquarius: During this period, married couples may feel that their partner is dominating him/her. Even for health, one might face health problems like breathing difficulty.