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Gujarat unveils Electric Vehicle policy: 2 lakh scooter, car & autos likely on roads by 2025

2 lakh vehicles will be registered in the State in short time and Gujarat will become an electric vehicle model in the country, leading by example in near future.



Vijay Rupani -

** Highlights of Gujarat Electric Vehicle Policy 2021 **

– Increase in the use of e-vehicles in the State in coming 4 years
– Make Gujarat a hub for e-vehicles and various materials related to it
– Encourage young startups and investors in the field of electric mobility
– Control air pollution and keep environment safe
– Currently 278 charging stations are available in the State for the charging of e-vehicles.
– Infrastructure for new 250 charging stations to come up, which takes total tally to 528
– Petrol pumps will be given approval for establishing charging stations
– Charging facilities to come up at housing and commercial infrastructures
– e-vehicle registered at Gujarat RTO will be exempted from registration fee, within four years, fuel worth 5 crore rupees will be saved
– Minimum 6 lakh ton CO2 emission will be reduced
– Subsidy up to Rs. 20 thousand for 2 wheelers, 50 thousand for 3 wheelers and up to 1.5 lakh for 4 wheelers will be directly credited to bank accounts through DBT
– Gujarat will give double the amount of subsidy than any other state for e-vehicle on per kilowatt
– Gujarat government will encourage and give subsidy to e-vehicle purchasers along with benefits from Government of India’s Fame -2 scheme to encourage e-vehicles

Electric vehicle -

New Delhi: Gujarat is renowned as an automobile hub in the country. Now Gujarat aims to become electric vehicle hub in coming years. Chief Minister Mr. Vijay Rupani has declared Gujarat Electric Vehicle Policy 2021 with an aim to make Gujarat a landmark transportation hub.

Transportation minster Shri R.C. Faldu, Minister of Energy Shri Saurabh Patel, Additional Chief Secretrary, Port and Transportaion and Additional Chief Secretary to Chief Minister, Shri M K Das remained present during the event.

Explaining the policy, CM Mr.Rupani said that this policy will encourage new e-vehicle technology and will help in creating job opportunities in the sector of e-vehicle driving, selling, servicing and charging.

He said that this policy has been well thought of and opinions of experts from the industry have been considered. The State Government has taken into consideration the technology, manufacturing process, various factors related to e-vehicle and policies of the Government of India while drafting this policy of Gujarat.

Mr.Rupani said that four points have been essentially stressed upon in Gujarat Electric Vehicle Policy. The aim is to popularize the use of e-vehicles in the State, make Gujarat a hub for e-vehicle manufacturing, reduce pollution and protect environment, and encourage young startups and investors in the field of electric mobility.

The CM said that around 2 lakh electric vehicles will run on the roads of Gujarat in coming 4 years and this goal has been set with clear vision. It is estimated that around 1 lakh 10 thousand two wheelers, 70 thousand three wheelers and 20 thousand four wheelers will be used in the State in next 4 years.

Hon’ble CM added that in comparison to other vehicles, the per kilometer expenditure in e-vehicles is 30 to 50 percent less. It also helps in reducing air pollution and safeguarding environment.

We have estimated that if around 2 lakh electric vehicles come up in the State in next 4 years then it will help in saving fuel worth Rs. 5 crore. It will also reduce around 6 lakh tonne of carbon dioxide emission.

Gujarat - Rupani launches - 3

Mr. Rupani also cleared the myth that e-vehicles are very costly and common people cannot afford them. He said that is has been clearly thought about and the policy has been framed to see that the goal of 2 lakh e-vehicles running on the roads of the State becomes a reality.

In this context the Chief Minister informed that the State Government will provide subsidy of Rs. 10 thousand per kilowatt. Gujarat is a leading State in terms of providing subsidy per kilowatt. Other States provide maximum Rs. 5000 per kilowatt while Gujarat will provide double subsidy. The State will bear cost of Rs. 870 crore in next four years.

Subsidy encouragement up to Rs. 20 thousand for the purchase of two wheeler, Rs. 50 thousand for three wheeler and Rs. 1.5 lakh for four wheeler will be provided to the buyers. These benefits will be available on the purchase of 2 wheelers with price up to Rs. 1.5 lakh, 3 wheelers with price up to Rs. 5 lakh and four wheeler having price up to Rs. 15 lakh. The subsidy amount will be directly transferred to the beneficiary account through DBT and it will be ensured that the amount is credited in the account within very less time.

One more important aspect of the policy is that any vehicle, may it be private or commercial, approved by Gujarat RTO will get exemption from the registration fee. Hon’ble CM added that these benefits are additional to the benefits given by the Government of India under FAME-2 scheme.

Electric vehicle -

The policy also includes providing battery charging infrastructure for e-vehicles. Shri Rupani said that under FAME-2 scheme, 278 charging stations have been approved in the State. The State government is aiming to increase 250 more stations and a capital subsidy of 25 percent in the limit of Rs. 10 lakh will be provided for the purpose. Thus a network of 528 charging stations will come up in the State in coming years. The Government will encourage charging infrastructure with various business models and different technologies. This will encourage swapping of battery and charging infrastructure among private, distribution company and investors.

Provisions of creating charging facilities at housing and commercial infrastructures have been made in the policy. Petrol pumps will also be given approval for charging stations. CM Shri Vijay Rupani said that Gujarat will lead with an example in the field of electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

Manufacturers of e-vehicles will receive benefits under Gujarat Industrial Policy and other policies. This policy has been framed in such a way that it is in tune with national electric mobility plan.

Hon’ble Chief Minister said that the State Government has thoroughly discussed the subject of e-vehicles. This is a new technology and Gujarat Government is ready with all preparations. With increase in the usage of e-vehicles, it will create job opportunities in its sale, servicing, charging, driving and training sectors. New startups and investment in this sector will be encouraged.

The facility is expected to start production in 2023 and will be utilised for manufacturing high-end KTM, Husqvarna and Triumph motorcycles as well as for electric vehicles starting with Chetak.

A clear strategy has been formulated for the effective implementation of the policy and the responsibility for its planning, execution and review has been given to the Department of Port and Transportation. The State Government will review it time and again and ensure that the purposes of the policy are met effectively.

2 lakh vehicles will be registered in the State in short time and Gujarat will become an electric vehicle model in the country, leading by example in near future.