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Apple CEO Tim Cook enjoys Vada Pav with Madhuri Dixit in Mumbai, calls it “delicious”

Tim Cook is in India for the first ever Apple store opening in the BKC area of Mumbai.

New Delhi: With Apple CEO Tim Cook visiting India for the launch of the first ever Apple store in Mumbai, he was welcomed with the most authentic  dish in the financial capital – Vadapav. Indeed, how can you miss Vada pav when you are in Mumbai?

Boollywood mega star Madhuri Dixit took to the micro-blogging site Twitter to share a picture of Tim Cook enjoying vada pav with her. With Cook’s sampling of the most famous dish of Mumbai, Madhuri Dixit took Apple’s CEO to Swati Snacks in Mumbai. The post showed the actress with the CEO with Vadapav on their tables.

Madhuri Dixit’s post read, “Didn’t think of a better welcome than Vadapav on the table.” To which the Apple CEO Tim Cook replied, “Thank You for getting me to my first ever Vadapav – it was delicious.”

Soon after Madhuri Dixit posted the  picture, Twitter users and fans started commenting about their own favourite places for eateries. Additionally, several Twitter users joked about the CEO by referencing him as “Cook Cook cook cook cook….,” it was in an attempt to joke at the Apple CEO with Madhuri Dixit’s hit song- Ku ku ku ku…Choli ke peeche from the movie Khal Nayak (1993).

For the unversed, Tim Cook is in India for the first ever Apple store opening in the BKC area of Mumbai. Reportedly, the new opening will observe 25 years of Apple in India. At the upfront, Tim Cook’s company will be launching another store in the Indian capital soon, around April 20. With which, Cook is also expected to meet the Indian Prime Minister.

Besides this, there have been various famous personalities, from Brad Pitt to Tom Cruise who accept their love for the Indian delicacies and the varied variety of its cuisine.