Lok Sabha Secretariat in a statement said, “President Ram Nath Kovind will address join sitting of both Houses of Parliament at 11.00 am on January 29 while Union Budget 2020-21 will be presented at 11 am on February 1.”

The Offer includes a reservation of up to 70,000 Equity Shares for subscription by Eligible Employees of the Company (the “Employee Reservation Portion”).

Sebi has analysed stocks that were recommended on the show and the subsequent impact on their volumes and prices.

Fitch said the medium-term recovery will be slow. "Supply-side potential growth will be reduced by a slowdown in the rate of capital accumulation - investment has recently fallen sharply and is likely to see only a subdued recovery."

HPL is an established electric equipment manufacturing company in India, manufacturing a diverse portfolio of electric equipment, including, metering solutions, switchgear, lighting equipment and wires and cables, catering to consumer and institutional customers in the electrical equipment industry.

Inflation has been above the Reserve Bank of India's limit of 6 per cent for the past eight months until November. In October, it peaked to 7.61 per cent and then fell to 6.93 per cent in November.

The excellent defoaming property makes it suitable for high speed and high-pressure machining centres. Its compatibility with metal and non-metal is convenient for machining all product types and its rubber compatibility makes it a safer cutting oil for machine parts like coolant hose and electrical wires.

Happy Birthday Jeff Bezos: Entrepreneur and e-commerce pioneer Jeff Bezos is the founder and CEO of the e-commerce company Amazon, owner of The Washington Post, and founder of the space exploration company Blue Origin.

"The number of newly identified cases per day continues to trend lower in India, but it remains high and a successful vaccine rollout will be important to sustain economic recovery," Ftich ratings said.