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Satta King, September 25, 2023: Lucky numbers for Shri Hari, Kalyan Bazar, Mahalaxmi & more

Those wanting to put money in Satta King game have to pick their ‘lucky numbers’ on any given day, in any particular zone.




Satta King

New Delhi: After the umbrella ban on crypto-currencies and depleted returns in stock markets, many investors including the younger generation are caught up in a fix. Unable to generate quick money via quick-fix methods like this, this lot of investors has apparently shifted to betting in sports.

Satta King or Satta Matka offers a lucrative & high-yielding platform for those wanting to raise quick money. As the name suggests, the betting/gambling happens in old-age cauldron format, where the enthusiasts place their bets/wagers in hope of good returns.

Those wanting to put money in Satta King game have to pick their ‘lucky numbers’ on any given day, in any particular zone. The numbers are in various combinations from 0 to 99. If your picked number finds any match with the declared winners, you will find your name in winners list. You will receive good money, which may vary from thousands to lakhs. The one winning bumper prize receives upto Rs 1 crore.

You can put in your money in the gambling game either physically or via online means. Latter method comes easy & hence most prefer to opt for it. For physical betting, you need to visit the store, place your bet and then stay connected to the Satta numbers to see whether your look stood by you or not.

Satta King winners for September 25

Though there are many zones under which Satta Matka game operates namely Diaswer, Faridabad, Ghaziabad,Gali, Taj Chotu & more.

Here, we bring you the results of 3 zones – Kalyan Bazar, Mahalaxmi & Shri Hari.

For the youngsters, it is advised that they double check their ‘investment calls’ to safeguard themselves from big losses. Any ill-conceived decision may lead to losses rather than monetary gains.

Disclaimer: Satta King is gambling game played by hundreds of lottery enthusiasts. Above article encapsulates the users interest & their participation in game and hence must not be considered as a facilitator in the betting game. The article merely provides information about the game & its prospects based on facts available in public domain. This game is full of risks & hence user discretion is required.