Covid-19 explained by Bill Gates: How virus impacts human body, how vaccines will kill the virus (VIDEO)

Microsoft Co-founder Bill Gates explains composition of Covid-19 virus, its pattern of attack on human body, how it paralyses the vital organs and how vaccines can eliminate this pandemic from the planet.

Written by May 2, 2020 14:25

New Delhi: As the world battles with monstrous Covid-19 virus attack, scientists and research institutes across the world are working overtime to invent a cure or vaccine to kill this pandemic. However, anything substantial is yet to come.

Gates Notes on Covid-19

On Saturday, Microsoft Co-founder and philanthropist Bill Gates took to his Twitter account and explained the composition of Covid-19 virus, its pattern of attack on human body, how it paralyses the vital organs and how vaccines can be made to eliminate this pandemic from the planet.

How Covid-19 enters & multiplies in human body

The billionaire explained the entire mechanism of Coronavirus in a very simple manner – something even a layman would understand.

# First, the Spike protein in Coronavirus attaches with the surface of a cell inside the body

# Then, it prompts that receptive cell to make billions of copies of virus inside the body

# It takes days for the immune system to realize that it has been infected by Covid-19 virus

Coronavirus has a natural origin, says study

How vaccines will save human race from the virus

Explaining how Vaccines work, Bill Gates said that the most urgent invention in the world is a vaccine which can kill Coronavirus.

He elaborates –
# Vaccine teach the body’s immune system about a pathogen/alien object
#  The solution is to get the immune system alert and vigilant about any such virus
#  Vaccine gives an exposure to human body… of something similar to virus so that it can make plenty of antibodies that can kill these viruses

Many Coronvirus vaccines in the works

Bill Gates says there are more than 100 organisations working towards Coronavirus vaccine. And, they are taking a variety of approaches to protect the human body against the virus.

How Vaccines build body resistance

# Usually, ‘something similar to virus’ is injected in the human body
# Either a piece of virus or spike protein can be injected in body, so as to trigger formation of antibodies
# Another promising vaccine in the works is RNA vaccine
#  In spite of putting ‘a piece of virus’, the DNA-RNA coil is instructed to make a ‘shape similar to Covid-19’

Gates Foundation working towards Covid-19 vaccine

“There are many institutes working towards making of the Covid-19 vaccine. Gates Foundation hasn’t made any vaccine in last 5 years but for this worldwide pandemic, our dedicated team is working in this direction,” said the billionaire.

Coronavirus vaccines are moving towards clinical trials

The vaccine will huge implications as it will go to 7 billion people in the world.

On a closing note, he said, “I am hopeful that efforts of someone will realize soon and a vaccine will be ready in next 18 months and will also accessible to everyone so that world could be pandemic-free.”