“All your allegations are baseless”: Anurag Kashyap responds to sexual harassment accusations by Payal Ghosh

The ‘Dev D’ director concluded sayin, “I do not engage in such behavior or tolerate it. Whatever happens we shall see. One can see in your video how much of it is truth and how much of it isn’t. Blessings and love to you. Apologies for answering your English with my hindi.”

Written by September 20, 2020 11:04
Anurag Kashyap - payal ghosh

New  Delhi: After Payal Ghosh alleged Anurag Kashyap of sexual harassment. The filmmaker took to Twitter,  calling them baseless, he wrote, “Wow, it took so long in the attempt to silence me. It’s ok. In the attempt to silence me, you dragged several other women despite being a woman yourself. Have some limit Madam. Will just want to say that whatever the accusations are, they are all unsubstantiated. ”

He said, “In the process of accusing me, you also dragged the Bachchan family and my artists, but you failed. I married twice. If it is a crime, then I accept it. I also admit that I have loved a lot whether it was my first wife, my second wife, or any lover, or any other woman I have worked with.”

“I will never behave this way nor will tolerate such manners. will see what happens. Pray and love to you. Apologies for answering your English in my Hindi,” Kashyap added.

Anurag kashyap

Earlier, speaking to ANI over the phone on the sexual assault allegations, Ghosh said, “Anurag Kashyap was a Facebook friend of mine. I met him in 2014-15 along with my manager. On the second day, he called me at his residence, asking me to wear clothes that do not project me as a heroine. I wore ‘salwar kameez’ to meet him.”

“On the third day, when I went to meet him, he took me to a separate room and played an adult film. That is when I realised his intentions. As I wanted to leave, Kashyap started touching me inappropriately. Then, he opened his clothes and tried to open mine, after which he attempted to molest me. Even after telling him that I was not comfortable, yet he continued with his indecent behaviour. When he realised that his attempts were in vain, he asked him to come mentally prepared next time,” she alleged.

When asked that why did not reveal the incident all these years, the actor said, “In the beginning, I would get nightmares. Later, I was scared that they would cause any harm if this comes out. I was also not allowed to speak bout this incident. My brother and manager were of the view that revealing the incident would destroy my career.”

“The person talks about all the patriotic words towards women. A person who pretends like this must be exposed. I request the authorities to kindly take action and let the country see the demon behind this man,” Ghosh further said.
She said she has spoken to the Commissioner of Mumbai Police and requested protection from the Centre and state governments as well.

“They have advised me to lodge a complaint. the National Women’s Commission has also asked me to file a complaint,” she said.

Talking about actor Sushant Singh Rajput, who was found dead at his Mumbai recently, she said, “We shared the same gym. He was a dedicated person and was very shy. Even I used to get anxiety attacks and was prescribed the same medicine as him.”

She revealed that there is nepotism in Bollywood.

“But after Kangana Ranaut raised her voice, it has reduced to some extent, otherwise, it was there to a large extent. Some things she says are absolutely correct. However, I feel she speaks too much at the time. But I like the points she raises.”

Regarding the recent statements by Ravi Kishan, Jaya Bachchan and Jaya Prada on the alleged use of drugs in Bollywood, she said, “Not everybody takes drugs in Bollywood, however, some do. Jaya Bachchan was right when she said that the entire industry should not be blamed because of some people. Even Hema Malini also supported her. They are veteran actors in Bollywood and their views should not be neglected. But if I say that there is no talk of drugs in Bollywood, it would be wrong.”