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‘He became self-centred and avoided my calls’, Says Badshah on his fallout with Honey Singh

Badshah has given Bollywood industry a number of chartbusters in the last decade.

New Delhi: Talk about the Punjabi music industry and the name Badshah and Yo yo Honey Singh will be one of the first things that will pop up in your mind.

The contribution of the evergreen duo from ‘Mafia Mundeer’ in making Punjabi songs popular all over the country is unknown to non.

Besides singing a number of songs together, Honey and Badshah also shared a unique bond of friendship with one another during their early days in the music industry.

However, all good things come to an end and the friendship between the two was no exception to this.

Badshah’s Rift with Honey Singh

In 2009, a major split was witnessed between the two which was followed by Mafia Mundeer being dissolved in 2012 and Honey and Badshah parting ways forever.

Now, over a decade after his separation from Honey Singh, Badshah in a podcast with Raj Shamani has finally opened up about his old days in the industry, his rift with Honey Singh and much more.

Badhsha calls Honey Singh ‘self-centred’

Speaking about his days in the band, Badshah called it “A very bad Phase.” He further told how Honey and he started falling apart in 2009 when the former became self-centred and started avoiding him slowly.

He even revealed how Honey vanished from his radar during his struggle days and even started ignoring his calls.

“Probably that was exactly when Honey met Raftaar and other singers but I never was able to meet him during my Mafia Mundeer days,” Badhshah added. He also spoke about the unreleased song he made together with Honey.

Speaking of Honey’s self-centric nature, Badshah said, “Honey got too involved in making his career that he never thought about me despite calling me his brother. ” “Hum apna Sab chhod ke yaha baithe hai app itna self centric nahi ho sakte.” he continued.

Badshah’s Struggle as an Artist

In the podcast, The Saturday fame singer also talked about his pain as a struggling artist saying that he just wanted the world to see his work. “Now at this age, I understand how bad times make you strong and enhanced your capabilities,” he added.

Badshah on work front

Badshah has given Bollywood industry a number of chartbusters in the last decade.

His last song “Issa Vibe” From Shahid Kapoor’s Bloody was well received by the audience and has garnered over 15 million views since its release.