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House Of The Dragon: The tragic death of Harwin and Laena in episode 6 leaves internet sobbing

Ayushi Sikarwar



House Of The Dragon

New Delhi: The fresh episode of House Of The Dragon is now streaming in India on OTT giant Disney+ Hotstar, and is making quite a buzz on global social media for more than one rationale.

The 6th episode which streamed online in the early hours in India on Monday goes through the most weighty time leap in the period drama, leading to new alliances, royal ladies in significant roles, and new faces on board.

*Spoiler Alert* While King Viserys who is already acknowledged as a weak emperor is ailing and is in the most worsening state than ever, the pillars of authority and influence have now shifted on the back of Queen Alicent and Princess Rhaenyra.

While the royal ladies remain at loggerheads in the newly streamed part, Daemon has now married Laena, who goes to an extreme end when she finds out that she would die in labour, ordering her dragon Vhagar to kill her.

On the other hand, Harwin has also been murdered in a plan conspired by Larys Strong, who serves Queen Alicent as an advisor.

While fans took the deaths in the original series Game of Thrones as a part of the plot, a section of them seems devastated by the death of two lead characters in the prequel of the show.

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