Earlier, everybody could reply to everybody's tweet if the person's profile wasn't private or blocked but the new feature will give users the power to customise and choose who gets the right to reply.

Ayushman Bharat Yojana is the country's flagship public health insurance scheme, which aims to provide free health coverage at the secondary and tertiary level to its bottom 40 per cent poor and vulnerable population.

The handle @GB_Ladakh_India has more than 30, 000 followers and its bio reads," Official Non-Governmental Twitter Account for Gilgit-Baltistan, Ladakh (U.T.), India."

Otherwise, employees would also have the option of returning to work in the company's offices with additional precautions when it was deemed safe to return to them, it said.

Revealing how, after being called out, a lot of perpetrators were apologizing, Aiyoobrows stood up for the very trauma that the culprits had put girls of her age through several years of college.

Their last interaction was over the export of hydroxychloroquine, which the US wanted for its fight against coronavirus.

The complaint accused the actress and her sister-cum-manager Rangoli of "misusing their stardom, fanbase, fame, money, power and influence with an aim and intent to promote hatred, disbalance, fights in the country for their personal benefits and gains".

Phogat's account was restored later and the wrestler clarified that she has written against the people attacking doctors, police, and nurses.

Babita Phogat came out all guns blazing to defend her statement against Tablighi Jamaat members and said she is no 'Zaira Wasim' and would not get bogged down by any kind of threat.

Many big names from the entertainment industry have been using social media platforms at its best in raising awareness about the importance of social-distancing during these trying times.