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“We have received an affidavit from Twitter where they have accepted their mistake of wrongly geo-tagging a part of Ladakh and showing it as part of China… They have informed that they will rectify it by November 30,” Lekhi said.

"Diwali is also a festival of cleanliness, so let us honor mother-nature by celebrating a pollution-free, environment-friendly and clean Diwali," President Kovind tweeted.

Twitter's copyright policy st ates:"In general, the photographer and NOT the subject of a photograph is the actual rights holder of the resulting photograph."

New Delhi: Famous poet Munawwar Rana on Thursday courted controversy by tweeting hateful remarks over Bihar election results. Apparently upset...

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister had on Tuesday said that the performance of BJP in the Assembly by-polls points to the possibility that the party will perform well in the 2022 state election as well.

Moreover, a tweet shared on the official Twitter handle of Hyderabad City Police shows, Anjani Kumar, Hyderabad City Commissioner honouring him with a memento.

Twitter first labelled the tweet with a disclaimer stating that the posting violated its rules but was being left up because it was in public interest.

On Thursday morning, Twitter witnessed the hashtag #BoycottErosNow as one of its top trends. This comes after a section of netizens shared screenshots of the production and distribution company’s tweets around Hindu vs Muslim festivals.

Gokhale posted screenshots of the same on Twitter while raising the issue with the social media platform.