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Jawan Trailer: Sameer Wankhede responds to SRK’s Baap-Bete dialogue with cryptic tweet, netizens say ‘ye to rone laga’

Sameer’s tweet is now grabbing a lot of attention from the fans who are giving their reactions to the same





New Delhi: Shah Rukh Khan’s upcoming movie Jawan has been the talk of the town for quite a while.

With each passing day, the movie’s buzz amongst the fans is soaring to new highs and every moviegoer is waiting for Shah Rukh’s arrival on the big screens on 7 September with bated breath. Adding fuel to the fire, the megastar treated his fans by dropping the movie’s much-awaited action-packed trailer on Thursday.

Although the trailer had plenty of electrifying dialogue in Shah Rukh’s husky voice, one that stood out from the rest and created a stir online was the baap beta dialogue mouthed by King Khan at the end of the movie’s 2:46 minute-long trailer. The dialogue says, “Bete ko hath lagane se pehle baap se baat kar.

Soon after the dialogue went viral, fans started to connect it with Sameer Wankhede who took Shah Rukh’s son into custody over his alleged involvement in a drug case back in 2021.

Linking the dialogue to Shah Rukh’s beef with Sameer, one netizen wrote, “Warning to my Son Sameer Wankhede: “Bete ko hath lagane se pehle, baap se baat kar.

Another said, “We all know who this is aimed at ‘Sameer Wankhede was talking about this threat I think. Don’t ever dare to mess with Shah Rukh Khan” wrote a third user.

Sameer Wankhede’s response to SRK

Responding to the people trolling him over SRK’s dialogue, Sameer Wankhede, on Friday, dropped a cryptic tweet in which he shared a quote that read, “I have licked the fire and danced in the ashes of every bridge I ever burned. I fear no hell from you. -Nicole Lyons A quote that always inspires me!”

Sameer’s tweet is now grabbing a lot of attention from the fans who are giving their reactions to the same. While some are lauding him for his blunt response to the trolls, others are bashing him for going against their favorite actor.

Reacting to his post, one internet user wrote, “You too should watch Jawan’s trailer. There is something for you in that”

Another said, “You have licked feet & danced in front of celebrities to extort money from them”

“Good that you don’t fear any hell, cause you’ll end up there “, commented a third user

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Jawan’s trailer lits up Burj Khalifa

Meanwhile, King Khan flew to Dubai to host a special event in the city during which the trailer Jawan was showcased on Burj Khalifa. Even at the event, the actor cast his spell on the fans as he recited the viral Baap-beta dialogue once again and dedicated it to all the parents.