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Shahzeb Tejani Features Abhijeet Sawant in the recently released song “Tera Rishta”

The OG Indian Idol Abhijeet Sawant makes a comeback with this song composed, sung, and written by Shahzeb Tejani.

The OG Indian Idol Abhijeet Sawant makes a comeback with this song composed, sung, and written by Shahzeb Tejani.

A lot has already been spoken about how a few individuals and professionals have been doing exceedingly well in their respective industries and sectors around the world. It has been noticed over the years how these individuals, belonging mostly to the younger brigade, have taken over their chosen niches by making the most of the opportunities and turning opportunities into stepping stones for their careers to reach greater success levels. Shahzeb Tejani is one among them, who jumped all-in in the world of music as a youngster and now is creating headlines with his recent collaboration with none other than Abhijeet Sawant, the OG Indian Idol the country has always been proud of.

Shahzeb Tejani may seem like just another guy from the neighborhood, vying to make his mark prominent in the music scene in India, but he is definitely much beyond being just that and has proved his mettle in music as a versatile talent, who is brilliant in singing, composing and writing. Each of his songs in his career so far has beautifully exuded his mastery in music and his great promise to become one of the top musical artists of today’s time.

Amidst this, his collaboration with Abhijeet Sawant is really huge for his career as the much-renowned singer is making a comeback with the song named “Tera Rishta,” already released on streaming platforms and making some massive noise in the industry for its lyrics and melody. Tera Rishta stands as a unique gem in the music industry today, thanks to the upbeat music and soulful lyrics sung by Shahzeb Tejani, who is gradually making his way to the top as a self-made musical talent.

Tera Rishta was shot in Houston, Texas, the US, and Mumbai, India, under the direction of Harsh Mahadeshwar. The song features Shahzeb Tejani as the lead, along with actress Kiana Gaona. The song is about a street fighter’s heartbreak, who at the same time has to fight the champion of the fight club, played by Travius Garrett.

The song by Shahzeb Tejani, featuring Abhijeet Sawant, is indeed unique and entertaining. Do check it out here.