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26/11 terrorist attacks: Param Bir Singh ‘destroyed’ mobile phone of terrorist Ajmal Kasab, claims retired police officer




New Delhi: Retired ACP Shamsher K Pathan in a letter to Mumbai Police Commissioner in July 2021 alleged that “during 26/11 terrorist attacks, Param Bir Singh, the then DIG ATS, confiscated terrorist Ajmal Kasab’s phone, ensuring that phone never appeared during the probe or trial”

“I wrote a letter regarding this in July this year. He (Param Bir Singh) should be arrested by NIA for the destruction of evidence. He must have sold this recovered evidence to ISIS or may have used the information for extortion,” said Retired ACP Shamsher Khan Pathan.

I also recollect that soon thereafter during detailed discussions with my counterpart Sr. P. I. Shri N. R. Mali, there was a matter of concern for all us, which Sr. P. I. Shri N. R. Mali shared with me that the Mobile Phone of the Terrorist Ajmal Kasab which the D.I.G. (ATS) Shri Parambir Singh took from the Police Hawaldar attached to D. B. Marg Police Station, was not further handed over by him to the concerned Investigating Officer P. I. Shri Mahale attached to the Mumbai Crime Branch, which was handling the investigationWe even discussed between ourselves that this matter assumes great significance as it is not just amounting to destruction of one of the major piece of evidence, but also clearly helping the cause of the said enemies of our nation

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